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Katty Bar & Guesthouse, Jomtien Soi 4

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Due to a small misunderstanding by the OP...... some posts were removed.


To the BMs that had posts removed in the process..... no wrong by you.... but the original post requested to be removed by the OP was quoted or referenced too.

looking much better now, thanks for the hoover!

everyone please look out for the wellbeing of all our angels

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okay wfkiwi... look forward to seeing you there... but don't ask me to do the lambada with you.....


you'll love Emmy. top lady as no doubt SP told you.

Cheers LP & no worries there will be no requests for the Lambada 5555 As I just enjoy listening to good music & with 2 left feet let's just say my dancing is best not done in public ( though the magic of Tequila anything can happen) hahaha Looking forward to finally meeting Emma & her girls Plus meeting BMs like yourself LP especially after reading your posts & following the goings on in the Forum from a far Making new friends is always good, the more the merrier



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Welcome to Katty bar at Jomtien beach road soi4. The most ladyboy bar in Jomtien. If not belive you can try. he he 331f7ac017cf1a0b661606ba6103944e.jpg65809f724ca6c75ba0aff77589e14689.jpgb38a2254d09175a47186b36d89971af2.jpg1aa6b2a405d1208914cb0587df086af8.jpg810a5ec40c571b265bb8c943f7448754.jpg


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WOW! Absolutely stunning!!!!

Emmy, you are beautiful!!!


I can't wait to get there and meet you in person, say "hello" and share a drink or two.

You and all of your staff are truly beautiful - I feel a "bell ringing" or two coming on  :)


Thanks for posting all the pictures.

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You are looking super sexy in that top Miss Emmy. :)

and the one “topless” looks juicy too.

I think the forum will appreciate some more of three shots.


It’s a long way to jomtien and incentive might fill the bar in an easier way,

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Jomtien Beach Soi 4

Tonight is very quiet.

What happened?

Is the other place quiet?

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Picture Special Series!!!

Her name Teya , Candy , Champagne 6a1fad53a049441fd565436e543244b7.jpg86984c34f3f32caa9e958ec80d2764c7.jpg649f0e96aba16a21ada4b5300ba71c7c.jpg6f5d2689dcd26f634b6c5453d4d3ea08.jpg1c2620808441d62af5235465744904f7.jpgc87e50d12b344fea06515e866d55c8d2.jpgf9601774d884a01b5bde03c4dda40c80.jpg0b73bce3468fb971c3e4c061d38f124f.jpg825ee12a2f1177135d490e9a85adb274.jpg


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OH .... MY ...GAWD!


I just fell in "Lust" 4 times!! (Teya, Candy, Champagne and, it goes without saying, Emmy)

If the truth be known I have always been in "lust" with you Emmy!  :)  Sigh ...


Emmy - thank you for the awesome pictures - they, and you, are all so stunningly beautiful!

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