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Another LB Arrested

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that's the ugliest ladyboy i've ever fucking seen


oh, wait.  


the ladyboy is the one in the picture.



That makes perfect sense. Or maybe not . :blink:

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That’s niky ex famous bar and a little bit in Lita’s soi bj.

Lita got shot of her for stealing, seems she is still up to her old tricks.

So knowing Nicky personally, what the newspaper says about her, this time it’ll be true.

Surprised that she’s not been caught by the bib before .

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I know her as Mickey from the old Lita's back on Walking street.  


She was a regular of mine and she was great in the loom and out.  I thought she was a very sweet gal.


She's been more long time's and weekends with me than I can count and I've had some expensive gear in the room.  


I've never been drunk with her.  But still, she could've made off with stuff when I was asleep or in the shower. 


I had a 3-some once with Mickey and  one of her friends.  I think it's the other lb in the pic.  The friend took a box of Viagra.  Not worth complaining about but never invited the friend back.


I guess I dodged a bullet.  

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