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Best Clinic/hospital In Pattaya

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Both Labs are ok, they will send you the results by email on the same day (or you pick up the printout / book in person).


These are only Labs but in case something nasty is detected they can advise you to go see a doctor or goto a pharmacy for medication.





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I do wonder about the accuracy of the many clinics around town. Generally people say get tested at the hospital but a lot of the girls don't. I once tried a clinic in Naklua and for 400 baht the doctor used one of those self test kits with a pin prick of blood. I think the majority of clinics charge 1000 baht. Personally never tried the hospital, maybe next time.

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The one possible issue with Pattaya Hospital as opposed to a clinic is the wait time.  Went there once for an infected cut and it was fairly crowded and had to sit around for awhile, service was good though.  The couple of times I've used a clinic there was no waiting, in and out in 15 minutes.

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