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Ko Samui Guest Friendly

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Starting my next trip on Ko Samui for 7 nights.Saving most of my barfine money for Pattaya,but will play once or twice on Samui.What are the best guest friendly hotels close to Chaweng and Lamai? Are there any that DON'T admit guests? Found a good hotel on agoda but none of the critiques mention if it's guest friendly or not.

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Recommend Lamai over Chaweng.


It has been well recognised that Chaweng Beach is more "Family Friendly" thus priced accordingly. Yes, they have a big BB complex etc. there now.

I stayed near the Beer Bar complex there. Near the Green mango and it was quiet at night, and expensive. I remember being there before the last time, around ten years ago and it was still quite, er, virginal. Now it's just f*cked. Full of the usual touts and dodgy enterprises One might find in Patts. Yet devoid of what One who might dwell in that neighbourhood might be seeking, if you get my drift.

I was walking around the place, looking for hits and there were, simply, none. Even the Beer Bars had only a few Gals, all depressed about the lack of customer base.

Ie, there was none. The bars fronting the main road saw the best custom from Newbie Travelers. Kho Samui is expensive, by comparison to other Thai destinations.


Last time I was there, around seven months ago, I saw that Lamai was still the better place for Mongers.

There is an expansive Beer Bar area, with something for everyone.


So, either, stay at Chaweng and find your Good Self renting a motorbike to head down to Lamai to shag. Then returning home.

Or stay at Lamai and walk. Chaweng is too far to bring back the "Object Of One's Affection" to what I would call "The Plastic Fantastic"..

Though, it can be negotiated, of course.


It's up to you to decide what kind of tourist you are.

One who likes to stay on the outskirts or one who likes to stay in the thick of things.



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Every inch of beach front in Chaweng has been built on to the extent where you can’t even get to the beach unless you walk through a resort or a bar. Plenty of quieter places to go if you have transport, taxis quite expensive. As Koh Samui is expensive to get to with a direct flight or time consuming with bus and ferry, it hasn’t been totally destroyed by tourists like Phuket. Mostly higher end or backpackers with a small resident expat population.

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