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I was wondering if anyone has experienced requests for donations from seemingly genuine people met on media ?


On Facebook i met a gg who is working in a money exchange in BKK got friendly and saw photos of her at work office etc.


Im sure she was working as stated ,then one day she tells me that she has made a mistake and paid out 10,000 baht too much and is now liable .....can i help?


Next is a ladyboy,met on TF, teacher in sakon nakorn ,again with pics of school and classrooom ,so is genuine.


She tells me that she is going to BKK to get bolt-ons but only has 40,000 baht ........can i help?


Next occurred this morning from a gg ,met on TF,working in khon kaen money exchange,again she said that she made a mistake ,used euro rate instead of dollar rate and is down 3900 baht ,which she will have to pay.........can i help?


This year i subscribed to Thaifriendly and i found it very useful,i set my preferences as looking for women so as well as meeting ladyboys i get many contacts from GGs.


One thing i found was that in many cases the photos are a bad representation of what one might actually meet so i only use it for contact ,then always meet first and never ask an unseen straight to my room.


Perhaps i should change my pic as  maybe the one displayed on TF marks me as a sucker?





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The Thais are amateurs compared to the Filipinos. A mate of mine is on date in Asia looking for girls and on many occasions the first thing that comes out of their mouths is "i am looking for someone to help me ". Also he has met some quite well off women and when he says that he lives in a small house and drive's a bus they block him 555. Mate just spend your money there whilst in Thailand and take the above advice which is very knowledgeable. If your lonely and need a friend in farangland buy a budgie.

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In many cases, the biggest differences between those on dating sites who work in a bars and those who work in an office, is the hours they work and the hours they are online. The mindsets are the same, as are the games that are played. Those who work in offices, open all the apps on their desktops as soon as they start work and leave them on all day. Those that sit in bars do the same on their phones. The games, requests for money and general bullshit are the same. 


This is the same for golf caddies, many restaurant workers and hotel workers. The games, bullshit stories and silly requests for money are the same, it is just the method and location of delivery that are different. At times, those who work the bars are more honest.

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Lately I find they more often just come right out with it. "Today my birthday, what you send for me?"

Stuff like that. I just tell them. "Sorry I not send, never do"

This way you don't have to lose contact if you like the chatting.

Occasionally you have to drop one on account of their shameless begging, it's inescapable

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wow is that a new thing..... some dunce female talking to some dunce in his undies essentailly spying on someone he doesnt know and doesnt live around and has absolutely no bussiens talking to in reality being asked for money. let me be a modern peeping tome, not outside your window but on my pc and looking at all the things you do and all the people you do them with even though they arent my circle of friends, u get what you deserve if u waste your peeping tom time.




gee do pigs fly or is it a myth

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On 6/7/2018 at 5:31 PM, sjsharks said:

You know the easiest way to stop these attempted scams? Stop talking them when you are not in Thailand !

Thats a way.


I usually NEVER delete my LINE and/or WhatsApp contacts after leaving LOS. And with a 2 or 3 of the girls (if i have had something special or for continued nights) i exchange sometimes messages (not a lot - one message a month, only to show that "i am alive and not have forgotten them". 

BUT: I don´t want to brag with it, NEVER EVER a LOS girl asked me for money while i was abroad. Not one time this happened in the last decades!

And i have an explanation for this: The girls already notice while i´m in LOS that i am not a walking ATM that the can play their usual games with.

Have you ever thought about the possibilty that if you are (maybe) less generous with your money in LOS they already can imagine that you will not be a victim for their "after LOS scams" while you are in your home-country?? And for that reason even less start to ask?

My standard-phrase (for scams and hustle in LOS):  "My religion is prohibiting this!"   or  " I am NOT a bank, i only pay AFTER, never upfront".

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