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Is It Worth The Moneyß

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theres no competition in lb bars


I specified my point a few posts further down, mentioning GG Bars, me wanting to go for the eyecandy and always seeing them occupied already.. Happened to me many times in GoGo Bars.. In Ldb Bars I usualy get what I want..


There is ALSO competition in LB bars if you go for the eyecandy. I´m sure if you want to BF (only to name 2 favorite examples) a LB like Lilly (TJ) or Bingo/Soda (69bar) you will have problems or need a very good timing in these period.


You maybe will be fine, if you go for the mean (average) or ugly ones - but anyway: I would avoid the P4P places/scene like plaque during the time dec. 19.  and  jan. 15.  (i also avoid it in Brazil to go out to the p4p "scene" during those days. I usually wait until the "italian bombers" have left Brazil again and have taken the "pizza-connection" back to Rome or Napoli B) )   

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It would be nice if it wasn't as busy (as has been reported)

Probably still have a good time of course; but you can go to thailand 365days of the year - the real advantage is getting the fuck out of farangland at christmas!  everybody must have the same idea

I still fantasise about it though.  Not worth dropping double money on a flight tho.  One day I'll do it.

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I found an economc class flight with Emirates in November for 520 Euros.


As I want to visit over Christmas the price has risen to 1300 Euros.

Is it really worth it?





I was looking at skyscanner and the Emirates website (I'm in their frequent flyer program).

Tell me your secret. I'm all ears.



You should try to use more travel search engines till you get a reasonable price. i have just made a quick check with Skyscanner. I could get less than 500 € with Emirates in the low season and more than 1,300 € in the Xmas time. The lowest during the Xmas time is Lufthansa around 770 €. 

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If flight is 8th of december under 500£ with Etihad.

I was last christmas there and enjoyed it a lot.

It also drpends on yr family status if u want celebrate at home or not! Next christmas is beginning of the week. For sure a lot of hustle in upfront to get all gifts snd food. My only visiting place would be the funeral places to bting flowers. Other ftiends.have old parents so they crelebrate with them. And.the.rest is in Thailand at chrostmas.time. So for me.would be the best to stay over this.period again! But still cannot plan as long as i have tbis shit silicone oil in my eye

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