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Is It Common Scam.

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Please try to understand my bad English .


April 2017: March Hotel

While I was waiting for my friends to arrive in lobby , I have seen One  30 y white guy with a Thai lady in her late 20s and a Thai man above 40y. The sniffing and tearing women made my attention in the conversation .

What I understood was , the Thai man scolding and threading the white guy in low voice for sleeping with his wife . asking some question like .. how many times they had sex .. And where is he from .. Show me your passport .. Let's go in your room and talk about it ..

Any one can easily understand that he was not her husband ..

The white man was in shock ..

I was desperate to talk the white guy to help . but I didn't . I regret ..

As friends was waiting for me so I left ..


I know it's was the scam planned by the Thai girl and men .


Posting this is story is to aware people about such scams .

Seniors , please throw some light and comment on this story .. Moreover if anyone can understand what was actually happened thr .. May compose and put on this board .. So that people can understand and alert .


How I would help the white guy -

I would tell him to tell Thai man ' I am sorry for what happened , you can take your wife your home , don't threaten me otherwise I will call police (tourist police not local ).


People may think and tell me it's easy to tell /advice ,but believe me I am a jetski scam survivor ..



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