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iPhone XS & XS Max (and new iWatch) coming soon

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11 hours ago, petesie said:

Treated myself to the Xsmax, fantastic phone, well chuffed with it. B)

Came out the bathroom in the middle of the night tripped on the splash step and my nose broke my fall, didn't have time to put my hands up. My new phone which was in my shorts pocket now has 2 nice cracks in it.

I got 2 black eyes and concussion.



Trouble with most phones these days are they are completely encased in glass. Despite the claims by Corning about their Gorilla glass it cracks very easily. My old Samsung S7 had a shockproof case and screen protector on it when it slid down my leg bounced off my shoe and then fell the stately distance of about 2 inches...cracking the screen. I would prefer something in all metal finish that wasn't as slippery and did not act as a fingerprint magnet.

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On 10/29/2018 at 8:21 AM, asian ronster said:

I do pity the Isheep locked in within the walled garden of Apple. So many better options available for lifestyle enhancement.



Haven't found the Xs Max 512gb in stock in Ptya.  Sold out.  The 256gb seems to be available. 

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I bought mine from a supermarket as the electronic stores were sold out.

The new i-pad pro is out which looks fantastic, can't justify it as I only bought mine earlier this year, 12.9, 512gb. They've done away with the home button, headphone socket and put in the C connector. As i-phone do pointed out if you're looking at the camera you count the megapixels; the current and new i-pads have 264 DPI (dots per inch) on the screen which is the same as 2012 models.


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I wonder when people will get sick of the 'Apple Tax'...if you go for the 12.9, add the keyboard cover and pen 2, you're looking at $1500 which is in serious laptop territory. :blink:

It replaces a serious laptop for some people though. Not me, but some. I’d like to have one, but I prefer the tactile feel of a laptop instead.

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