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20 hours ago, The-Sith said:

Is this the pick up place for LBWVB tickets? Can have a meal too!

Yes this is the ticket pick up venue, and yes, food will be available that night.

Look forward to seeing you.

2 hours ago, Kendo UK said:

Nice to see Hideaway has expanded its food menu above and beyond the panini.

I tried the sausages the other week after seeing another customer eating it, it was a good feed.


Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

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1 hour ago, soidog said:

I have just been a greedy bastard, rode over to the rib shack to sample the ribs on offer. Like to treat my self once a month to a slab of ribs but always take them home to eat.

I went for the full rack with all the trimmings that go with it for 345b. Not an overly long wait till the order was ready. Was good to see the food wrapped in tin foil, then placed in a polystyrene container.  When I arrived back at fortress fido jomtien had no need to zap the food in the microwave. Was deffinatly still hot enough to eat.

A generous portion of skinny french fries, a bag of shredded  salad....... onion, carrot, lettuce, cabbage and a couple of small whole tomatoes. Along with 2 char grilled sweet corn sliced cobs.   But as i am a big carnivore eater my eyes lit up with delight when i saw the  size of the meat. First thing I thought is this will be a challenge.

Cooked to perfection in a no doubt secret marinade sauce that Andy keeps as  a closely guarded secret.. Meat fell off the bone, the only way to eat ribs is with your hands. Wonderful real cave man stuff sticky  finger licking good. 

Thoroughly enjoyed roll on December when I will get again.

Rgds a very stuffed soidog.   

PS.......also you get 3 little pots of sauce dips. Did not even bother opening to finding out what was in them. All what I had was tasty enough.        



Can confirm. As I was writing in my TR, I didn't finish it. Half the french fries and the salad had to be left behind.

The sauce on the ribs is indeed great.

Only thing that would make them better, if they removed the silverskin on the backside if the ribs before cooking.

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5 hours ago, Malcolm Buggeridge said:

Right F**K it Buggeridge is there tomorrow!




You will be appearing in public? I hope to see that. I'm imaging a bow tie, pocketsquare, and a handbar moustache.

Maybe a riding crop too.

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