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  1. We're pleased to announce that The Hideaway now has a dinner menu open from 5pm until midnight every day. The main dishes are all from the new grill: Full rack of Ribs (345 baht), Half Rack (245 baht), grilled chicken breast (175 baht), sausages (175 baht) , and a mixed grill at 345 baht which is a bit of all of the ingredients. (Half rack is usually enough for most, a full rack for big appetites). We have also introduced a Hamburger at 185 baht, and a Cheeseburger at 195 baht. We are doing a daily Thai Special which is usually aimed to be priced at 150 baht, and served with rice if appropriate. The price may vary slightly depending on the dish. Seafood dishes usually price out at 160 baht. We also have desserts, with a Chocolate Brownie and vanilla ice cream, Banana Split (3 flavours choice) and ice cream sundaes choice of size. Our previous snack menu is also available all day and evening, including Paninis, nuggets, onion rings and french fries. Now open since 2 weeks, I'm pleased to say that we are very happy with the progress and look forward to seeing you when in town. All dishes are served with a choice of fries or rice and beans, and are all served with a salad and grilled sweetcorn garnish. All of the following photos were taken at The Hideaway, presentation may alter slightly depending on the garnishes, but all plates are well served.
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