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  1. Been following this situation for several hours, as I'm in the airline industry. A Qatar flight to Amritsar is the only a/c entering the Punjab albeit several hours late. The airlanes south of India n Pakistan are more congested than the M25 on a Bank Holiday weekend. Buckle down and get travel insurance. I think it's going to be messy. Sid
  2. Thought earlier today it was just the usual spat. It transpires I was mistaken. If it carries on I'd purchase travel insurance asap. Sid
  3. Gross gute Knobby Veirlich dieser link helfen: http://booking.tui-reisebuero.de/offer?adult=1&ibe=flight&ddate=2019-02-01&rdate=2019-02-16&Agent=-5&TUIAgnt=-5&tlt_bs=5&rid=321 ab 510 Eur rundreise. Sid
  4. If you think it was a lapse on your part to leave the safe open whilst in p4p company - just take the hit. However if you are certain everything was secure I'd saunter down to Soi 9 and make a report to the BIB. Get a report number and make an insurance claim. Also tell the letting agent. Simple Sid
  5. Room safes are not infallible as staff have access to the mastercode. Which establishment were you staying in? Sorry that you lost your beer tokens. Sid
  6. Beetroot is a major part of my staple diet and is up there with Gordons as a daily must have. Sid
  7. If economy is full or better, overbooked, the airline check-in staff will start upgrading passengers who have paid a higher economy fare or those who are CIP, commercially important. Dress smartly always helps. Sid
  8. Kendo I checked it in July and all was ok. Sid
  9. The best reference site for alcohol ban dates and public/religious holidays is now down and out. DO NOT CLICK IF YOU'VE SAVED IT TO BOOKMARKS & DELETE AS I THINK IT HAS INFECTION. Best to just Google for the moment. Sid
  10. I flew BA BKK-LHR cattle class on my last sojourn The cabin was two thirds occupied. I saw that a 3 across window set of seats had not been occupied 10 minutes prior to push-back so made a move to nab them. Cabin staff blocked me and guess what? A BA staff passenger on a freebie strolled on board and spread herself out. Since Iberia took over BA they are no longer the "World's Favourite Airline". They are the Ryanair of Heathrow. Sid
  11. The VIP bus service from Chiang Mai takes 2+ hours. Sid
  12. Only from Bangkok, unless your flush you can charter a plane. I love Chang Rai. If you haven't booked accommodation yet thoroughly suggest: http://www.homestaychiangrai.com/ They'll pick you up from the airport. Sid
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