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  1. thanks for the reply to my post.....I think i will have to dip my toe in the water next time!

  2. No problem Marcopolo

  3. Many thanks for the quick reply. All the best.

  4. Hi BB thanks for posting the pics of Alis, do you know her contact details? The phone number I was given previously does not work. Appreciate your help, many thanks.

  5. Hi BBm thanks for the add. This seems to be an interesting forum. We are off to Bali 17th - go to BKK today - Indo visa must be got first. How's life in those Wicklow hills? Good, I hope.

  6. hi bb-thanx for adding me-hows it going in erin's isle?

  7. I hate your avatar, I've thought of swatting my laptop 4 times now when I see that bug wandering across my screen and then realized oh noes, its just bb's avatar. :P

  8. Hi Bumblebee, how are you ? How is life in Ireland after so much time in LOS ,

  9. Away from the madness....

  10. Hey let me know the LB situation in Hua Hin, where to go, etc.

  11. Hello, you sent me the map of LB bars in Pattaya.stayed st Pooks for 4 day's and nights. Frist time with LB great.long time 2,000 short time 1,500 don't know if to much , but i'am happy boy.

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