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  1. The hotel will charge you you an extra day for the late check in. Ask for a 1/2 price though since it is only literally hours they did this for me once
  2. Oh they do have the latest movies not a problem . What I am saying is if the latest movie is “Justin Bieber Concert” that’s what you get . Net flic back up is smart . Breaking Bad from LAX to TPE Would be good hahaha
  3. Sometimes the website will put the TPE-BKK leg on economy . Price change ? Not too much really and they will give crap on the miles . Maybe try the multiple trips options to get the cheapest flight . But the EVA 777-300er economy has really stepped up the game .
  4. The movies are actually for me something that just cuts down time on a flight . If the movie season sucks then not much EVA can do better than the old days of flight where they would drop down a white screen and show a movie that sucked . I once had to watch Garfield: A tale of 2 kitties. Man that sucked. The new 777-300er are great definitely enroll in the evergreen mileage club they are pretty good at rewarding you .
  5. I fly LAX-TPE-BKK route I am a silver member and get treated really well where lounges are concerned . I like the times very much typically leaving LAX at about 0:15 on a Wednesday morning then landing 11:10am on Thursday morning. Perfect leaving during sleeping hours . Trick is bolt to the lounge because the veterans will book up the showers but you will still get a shower. Nifty shower kit for those that don’t know. Service is fantastic and with the 777-300er the first class is awesome everything an aisle seat
  6. PAL is notoriously late . Best to stay the night in makati then fly out the next day . What to do in makati? Stay at the IM HOTEL. Sign up for pinalove. Fresh young ladyboys to choose come running to your room typically 1,500 peso for some good fucking
  7. I only fly EVA from LAX-TPE—BKK. So far their mileage club is pretty good the points pile up fast and I get fee lounge in TPE and BKK. Only when I get my free first class upgrade do I get the lounge at LAX. In LAX they have banded together with a group of airlines in what is called Star ALliance and have created their own lounge . Pretty cool. If fellow board members can say what airline club benefits are better let me know . My LAX-TPE -BKK generally costcne $1455 because I buy Premium and opt for the 100% Miles ticket because I do love that first class upgrade . With the cheapest 0 Miles sure you can make the same route in the $650 range, if dollars are a factor in your decision
  8. I only fly EVA LAX -TPE-BKK then back. They seem to have all 777-300ER planes now which are 3-4-3 in economy and 2-4-2 Premium economy and everything aisle seat in first class. I normally fly Premium And with the enrollment into their mileage club I grab a free first class whatvthey call royal laurel class and that is a dream. Flat bed from that almost 14 hour haul of LAX to TPE. The stewardess are all smiling fairly pretty 100 pound skinny tall waifs which only being ladyboys would make them more attractive . I highly suggest looking into EVA
  9. I will be using bangkoktaxiservice. They will wait for me at arrival area 3 and 1000baht for the luxury vehicle and it includes tolls . Survarnabhumi to soi 8 bangkok
  10. I only fly EVA . They are mostly on time but when late only an hour at most and it’s in Taipei to LAX. Portion . A fat stewardess is 115 pounds .love seeing this skinny asses walk up an down the iaisle. Great lounges once you earn enough points. Showers in lounges etc . Premium economy My is good and first class is a dream. Never fly an American carrier
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