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  1. Just checked. When you go on the Air Asia website choose your destination as Pattaya downtown. It will add the transfer in.
  2. 250thb last time I was on. If you are flying air asia you can add it to your fare and they drop you at central festival. They are comfortable minivans so only take 9 to 10 pax so not many drop offs. The one I got dropped once on the main road at Jomtien, once in south pattaya and then central festival. One hour all up.
  3. Best to grab one of the shuttle busses. Won't take much longer. There are a couple of counters right outside the arrival hall.
  4. My mates were picked up by Mr T a few weeks ago but it cost them 1000. At least I think it was Mr T.
  5. I think the main criterium should be whether the BM has proven to be trustworthy. There are a few guys that contribute a lot but because they stir the pot or can be a bit confrontational the advanced status is withheld. As Beetleguese said : there is not a whole lot really going on in advanced. so as long as valued members aren't sharing information they shouldn't why not bump them up? Just my opinion.
  6. Myself and friends have been unable to find a taxi that will do it for less than 1000 now. The minibus won't take much longer though and on[y costs 250.
  7. Bangkok Airways and Air Asia both do direct flights.There are mini buses when you get off at Utapao for 250 The to Pattaya. There is already a thread on this so perhaps look there and do a bit if research.
  8. Stayed there last week and the cut through is open but you need to walk through the building works. Looks like an on again off again thing.Not sure what the final outcome would be.
  9. I generally tip 100. Anything more is a bit of overkill.
  10. But they probably all quote over 1000? If you land there is there a mini bus option?
  11. When you get off the bus there should be a Songthaew/ baht bus waiting to fill up to take punters where they want to go. Think I did it the Songkran before last so if I'm wrong somebody could chime in.Otherwise you could pop out to the street and catch a motorcy or baht bus (as long as you know which direction you are heading). First time in Thailand though, why not spend a day or two in BKK? Enough LB action to keep you occupied.
  12. I don't think you can actually book the train online( or rather you never used to be able to) If you are in bkk for a few days best to a make pot luck and book it in person at the station. The sleepers aren't that comfortable if you are overnighting and it is so easy to fly. But I guess you have to do once for the experience.
  13. I think if you do you really need to factor flight changes into your budget. Allow extra time for connecting flights or he prepared to forfeit a night in a hotel. Just have a beer and tell yourself you're still on holidays. Been fucked around a bit by Jetstar myself. Had a friend who had a direct flight from Tokyo to Cairns cancelled so she flew down to Osaka the next day because she could get on the Osaka to Cairns. That flight was delayed several times and then cancelled . Having said that I've had some cheap flights .
  14. 555.Was going to press like but might be accused of being gay. You leave me for dead.
  15. I have a similar dilemma but will decide on the ground.Air fares HKT-Blk or HKT-UTP don't really increase that much.
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