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  1. Victory.Good to be homeXXXXX

  2. ticket booked for Friday! yippee

  3. Valar Morghulis

  4. Get your ducks in a row,and off you go XXX

  5. how DO you sail across an ocean in a small boat?

  6. i'in the Game of Thrones you win,or you die' Cercie

    1. Daddy Rom

      Daddy Rom

      you mean "The Game of Trannys" ? r

  7. beleagured and besieged in my High Tower in Windermere..

    1. LL Cool Dave

      LL Cool Dave

      Chin up Podrick !

  8. Pattaya filling up for the holidayz Yippee

  9. And teenage delinquents can buy machine guns... What a horrible idea that is to peace loving sybarites the world over :Electric Shock:
  10. Formula 1 season start. Any good lb bars with it on the BIG SCREEN?

    1. garrydirty


      Retox Soi lengkie

  11. Thats not my poo! Just like the art on the wall.

  12. " And Cancel Christmas ! "

    1. Thaiman12


      Well, cancel, if you want.

      And miss the party.

      It should be well considered that the best place to celebrate Xmas is in a non Christian Country.



  13. Jaquen H'ghar, the Faceless man of Bravos, has returned as The Sith?

  14. Its blddy FREEZING! 24 degrees last night.Brrrrr.xxxx

    1. Doyle Lonnegan
    2. 57Chevy


      24 degrees FAHRENHEIT is a bit chilly.....

      THats true :)

  15. Tonight is the nite I die

    1. kathoeyfan


      Hope you go with a smile on your face!

    2. Podrick


      ha ha Yes . that was metaphorical xxxxxx

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