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  1. As someone mentioned above Thai re-routes flights Europe <--> Thailand over China now. My flight yesterday was cancelled but was rebooked for today. Flight was 1 hour longer than normal and a bit more crowded than normal. BKK airport was not more busy than normal, about 10 min waiting in Immigration.
  2. Have been there 3 times in the last month, very happy with the food and service. Never tried the pizza but the pasta is really good.
  3. You are correct, I had a "30 days exemption" not a "Visa on arrival". Was not aware of the difference. Thanks for clarifying.
  4. Monday 26.03.2018 I arrived Thailand 26th of February and my 30 day on arrival tourist visa expires today, so i had to go to Immigration in Jomtien to get 30 more days. 08:40 Arrived Immigration in Jomtien (easy to find a bit up in Soi 5) 08:42 Got the papers and check list from Information desk, and a queue number for the first queue (documentation of where you stay) 08:45 Went to one of the companies nearby to fill out the forms and take photos - passport photo (100 for 2) - copy of entry stamp and info part of passport - copy of immigration card (entry) - to extend my 30 day on arrival visa i had to fill out 3 pages which I paid the company 300 to do - total cost 400 THB and spent around 20 min in there 09:05 Waiting for my turn for confirmation of my residence (room to your left when you enter), waited about 35 min. Processing was done in 2 min when it was my turn 09:40 Back to information for new queue number 09:50 Waited about 10 min for my turn (in room straight ahead when you arrive). They took a photo and my papers. I paid 1900 THB and they told me to wait 10 min. 10:00 Called back to the desk, got my passport back and I was finished Thanks to the info in this thread this was really easy and done in less than 90 minutes. The place was a bit crowded but my friend said I probably was lucky since it normally is more busy.
  5. I got a 30 day extension in December, think it cost 1900 THB.
  6. I have 2 gallstones, about 3 cm in diameter each. Declined surgery since I didn't have too much problems with it, but certain movements and positions is really painful so I think I will have them removed. It's been a nice excuse for me not to exercise... Mine are so big they need to remove the whole gallbladder, but from what I hear most will not notice much difference anyways. I've spoken to multiple who had gallstone removed and it is a simple procedure with low risk.
  7. I saved 20k THB when I got my 17" MBP some years ago, if I buy the top 15" MBP today I can save 30k+ THB. So depending on where you live you can still save, but make sure to check the keyboard before you buy.
  8. Been there a couple of times (on Beach Road), I found it to be overpriced and quality was just average (not bad).
  9. I had a 400g Jack Creek "Wagyu" Rib-Eye at Steak & Co. which was very good. I liked the place and my only complaint is it took a while before we got the food. My list of best steakhouses in Pattaya is: * Beefeater - been excellent quality for years * Steak & Co - new place looks really good, will be back! * Golf Club steak nights (Wed, Sat, Sun) - varies from excellent to average, but worth a try. a bit cheaper than the 2 others In my opinion Sizzler is very average. I've had steaks at various restaurants at the Hilton also but I really cannot recommend it. Overpriced and average quality. Maybe we need a similar thread about ribs? I used to love the ribs from Bob's BBQ, but he sadly closed down some years ago
  10. Some good info in this thread I missed. Some months ago I got a Bose QC20. I've tested them on a couple of trips. Maybe there is something wrong with my ears but I still found QC15 to be a better and more comfortable solution when I fly to Thailand. I think I will buy the QC25 when I find them at at a price around $300.
  11. It's kind of embarrassing to say but I hardly download any porn anymore. I wonder what is wrong with me Sickbeard + Usenet still works just fine for most TV series at least, but if you do not have automatic downloads I guess all those DMCA requests makes it a bit harder than it was before. If you are willing to pay for a cyberlocker sites like etc. are decent sites EDIT: looks like the pirate sites was auto censored...
  12. There is a key difference here. Direct downloads vs. torrents. If you download via torrents you will also upload to others/share the shemale porn with others. In many countries downloading is a lesser offense than to share pirated media. Personally I have a principle where I do not want to share illegal content with people on Internet which pretty much rules out torrents for me. If I use torrents I will use it via a VPN service. A better approach for met at least is to either use direct download sites like IONPRON where you might be tempted to buy some premium access to the various cyberlockers or use USENET and find content via sites like kleverig.eu.
  13. Not to start a Android vs. Apple discussion but I have both iPads and a Android tables and at the moment my favorite is Sony Xperia Tablet Z. For a while I traveled with both iPad and Android tablet (yeah I Know I'm weird) but now my 2 iPads are just collecting dust back home. Unless there are applications you use that only exists on iPad I suggest buying a Sony Xperia Tablet Z2 and buy an additional 128gb memory card - it probably is a bit cheaper if you compare it to the 128Gb iPad and you will have 160Gb storage which is very useful when you travel - it is smaller and lighter than the iPad - it got faster processor and more memory - it is dust and waterproof! (saved my ass when I left the tablet on the balcony and a sudden tropical rainfall arrived) - it is not locked like the Apple eco system and can easily be rooted if you want total control And IF you go for an iPad make sure to get one you can jailbreak.
  14. I would not recommend anyone to pirate (steal) software but at the moment it is very easy to use Windows 7/8/8.1 and Office 2010/2013 for free. You could download pre-activated stuff from dodgy torrent sites and end up with all kinds of malicious software or you could do it a way that is pretty safe: 1) download the official ISO image, you should look for this file en_office_professional_plus_2013_with_sp1_x86_and_x64_dvd_3928186.iso (check http://msdn.microsoft.com/subscriptions/downloads/?#searchTerm=&ProductFamilyId=475&Languages=en&PageSize=10&PageIndex=0 for the versions you want) 2) verify the ISO is not changed (check md5/sha1 hashes - important if you get the files from dodgy sites) 3) install 4) run KMSpico to activate 5) enjoy your stolen software and your new worries about Bill Gates going broke and ending up on the streets in Seattle More info in this thread --> http://forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/49108-KMSpico-Official-Thread
  15. I ended up buying the Bose QC20 which I briefly have tested in my home. So far it looks good and feels comfortable to wear but I will know more next week when I try them on the 11 hour flight to LOS. One advantage I can see already now is the chargeable batteries in the QC20 compared to replaceable batteries in the QC15. I think I will bring both headsets on this trip and will let you know which one I prefer (the audio quality is not the most important thing here, i just want a comfortable flight)
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