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  1. Eva business class is pretty good especially if you select before you go as there are extra options to choose from i would probably rate the asian options as better than the western.
  2. I'm flying out on the 30th this month, i hope you enjoy your first flight with Eva, I agree the crew are normally pretty good from the uk they normally have a mix of Taiwanese and thai crew so pretty easy on the eyes.
  3. Just a heads up guy's EVA seem to have a sale going on i just booked 2 business class flight's for next year LHR to BKK for under £1700 each 1 in April and 1 for July would have booked one more but October was not available. Lots of options for sellers on sky skanner.
  4. We'll said, would have given you a like but I'm all out of them.
  5. How about £2500 For first class done that a few times as well, it's all about the whole experience for me start to finish, holiday and travel are what I work for. I never allow the cost of the flight to compromise my on the ground experience always have a nice hotel and I enjoy treating the girls well so there's no complaints about ST or bar fines from me. I think we all have different expectations of what we want from our holiday's some like a different level of comfort for the flight than others that's all.
  6. www.skyscanner.net is pretty good place to search for flight's thats where I've seen the lowest fares in business.
  7. No I have not tried turkish airlines I try to stick to EVA as I don't like to stop on route, but I have also seen finair and klm below £1500 this year so there are option's out there. It helps if you can plan in advance with business class fairs so you can take advantage of there sales.
  8. I've been been flying out of LHR to BKK for 14 year's now first 2 times in EVA premium economy with friends but the first time I went solo I splashed out on Thai first class which i thought was amazing having not experienced anything like it before. For my 4th trip it was back to EVA premium but was lucky enough to get an upgrade as it was xmas eve on the way out but coming back having left tilac behind and sitting in the airport on my own made for the most depressing flight I've ever had and I decided then I would only ever fly BC or FC again. I now consider the flight the start of my holiday not just a means to get to my destination I actually look forward to the flight and the whole experience, even though I've done it probably 30 times now in the last 14 year's I still get excited. I even fly BC on side trips from Los and internal just because I find it so much easier and hassle free. If keep an eye out for when the airlines have there sales you can get some great deals from London you can get indirect for around £1200 and direct for around £1700. I work dam hard to pay for it all as don't compromise on accommodation and what I spend on the ground but I think life is there to be enjoyed an this is what I enjoy so I make the most of it.
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