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  1. Loony is the new normal Rom :).

  2. Like everything you post keep going it helps to be crazy


  3. I must be crazy to be in a loony bin ... I mean: loony Board like this

  4. I used the search function for "STAXYN" and nothing came up, which means it's the first time it is being mentioned in the Forum. Staxyn is an alternative form of the ED medication Levitra that dissolves under the tongue for faster effect and without being weakened by soaking in a gut full of singha and pad thai... It has existed in the US and Canada since 2010 and for several years I have been asking about it to my friendly pharmacist in Pattaya and she is clueless every time. I have not seen a fake version being sold by the Thai street vendors so it seems safe to say it does not exist.,,,but has anyone seen it? And what about real Staxyn?, is it being sold with or without perscription in any Thai pharmacy anyone knows of? Thanks in advance if anyone has any information or experience with Staxyn... even if it cannot be easily and cheaply bought like Kamagra and Apcalis, this thread will be helpful in bringing Staxyn-awareness to the Forum... PS- It;s not for me...it's for a friend! hehehe
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