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Found 47 results

  1. I have had a good look round but can't find anything on this subject easily i am sure Hep in general is mentioned here somewhere, but for another newbies like me planning to travel it's worth noting that Hep B is a 3 injection course and takes more than 2 weeks. I found this out when i had my A and first B jab last week, there has to be 7 days between the first B and the second one and i think 7 days again, as the nurse told me i would not get my 3rd jab before i travel, therefore technically i will not be fully protected! I am thinking of asking her to do the 3rd jab the day before i travel which will be a think 2 days before it should be. Moral of the tale is you deffo need both A and B if you plan on even kissing the 'girls' but make sure you start the jabs at least 1 month before you leave. My question is MALARIA, it was on UK news just today that infection has gone up 30% in past 2 years, so so i get tablets for my 9 night trip….yes yes yes, i will ask the nurse as well…lol
  2. There is allways a lot of questions about this issue. So,what is the risks to get infected while sucking off a LB?????
  3. Did you see the revelation MD got his throat cancer not through heavy smoking and drinking but Cunnilingus? Well good news for us cock sucking ain't cunnilingus!!
  4. I'm average size and my biggest fear is that the condoms in Thailand are going to be small. Is this true? 1) Can I buy average sized condoms in Thailand? 2) Can I find different types of condoms? Thin, ribbed, etc. 3) What about condoms used specifically for anal? Thanks for the info.
  5. I have read somewhere that, Asia is a place to be careful of hepatitis b. Hepatitis b, is reported to be up to 100 times more, contagious than HIV. Hepatitis b, like HIV, can only be contracted by body fluid exchange.
  6. relative to post: http://www.ladyboyspattaya.com/topic/14218-darkside-bar-soi-33/page-54?do=findComment&comment=454771 can you please elaborate a bit on this solely in regard to his work permit status? this seems a bit questionable to me considering the following ... i was told at the govt's police hospital back in December, when i had my annual physical relative to my employment and visa, that they are now looking for syphilis becuase syph is a very big problem coming out of Myanmar. the Police Hospital is the officially recognized hospital for valid/approved testing in BKK and the required place to go for certain types of visas. it is against Thai law to test employees for HIV (not that it doesn't occur sometimes), and as far as i know there is still no Thai law against entering the country, getting a visa, or getting a work permit due to HIV status as per the recommendations set by UNAIDS, the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS. i was told that the reason they now test for syph is that syphilis was all but eradicated a few years ago and then reappeared in alarming numbers in TH after the ASEAN cross-border work agreement came into effect. so they are trying to get it back under control and this testing is now mandatory. the doctor went on to explain that they are required to test everyone so as not to show discrimination or bias towards the Burmese even though they know that most farangs are not infected. as far as i know TH has never denied anyone status due to HIV, unless they have just recently changed that policy and have always been in the forefront of HIV/AIDS research, and international cooperation. it seems to be one area that they have been progressive about when it comes to awareness, policy and implementation. possibly his employers do not care about the law and required the test as some do, or possibly he has syph too and it wasn't the HIV that caused him his problems.
  7. Hey guys, Like most I was exclusive to GGs before accidentally discovering the delights of the LB world about 3 years ago. I've been with about 7 in total now. Each time after a session I become crippled with fear I've caught something despite taking precautions/using condoms. Just wondering if anyone else is like me or was like me? Sometimes it's worse than others and those times I suspect it's an element of guilt. How many LBs have other members been with without catching anything ? These questions may sound stupid to some of the veterans but it's a genuine concern of mine so please don't flame me. Ps: Back in pattaya at Easter, happy days
  8. It Seems that Indian men have smaller than average appendages compared to, For EG Europeans.. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/6161691.stm Methinks they should be ok buying Thai Condoms as they are generally a little snug for my liking...
  9. http://asia.news.yahoo.com/afp/20110220/tts-health-us-cancer-972e412.html
  10. One of my mates has just been tested for HIV after his recent visit to Thailand. The testing centre has said there is now no need to wait for 3 months for a retest. They test the day you go in and retest 4 weeks after the date you had sex. They say the testing procedure is now so sensitive that they can actually pick it up within 24 hours after sex but still like an incubation period of 4 weeks to be sure.
  11. soju2012

    HIV Cure?

    Know this has been talked about ad-nauseum (and rightly so) but there might a "cure" just around the corner. This one sounds promising. http://www.foxnews.c...ure-on-horizon/ Any thoughts?
  12. I have been chatting recently with a real girl (sorry guys, she is a cutie) who is a medical technologist working in BKK, spends all day doing blood tests, and I asked her what was the percentage of positive HIV tests she was finding. She said it was 20% of all tests were +ve, that means if you you fuck anybody in LOS, you probably have a one in five chance they are HIV+. She also said that the 3 month post infection window was not infallible, and that 6 months would be considered safe. Worth thinking about, especially as LB are in a much higher risk group...
  13. Stumbled across this and thought it might be of interest to some on here. Thought I better post it here (since no juicy pics) and would risk getting flamed for posting it anywhere else in the case certain BM's realised it was above their reading comprehension. For those who like more considered information, backed by reputable sources and actual research, you might like to have a skim through it. Nothing really revealing or groundbreaking in it we don't already know, but it is at least up to date. Transgender People, Rights and HIV Vulnerability in the Asia-Pacific Region http://www.undp.org/content/dam/undp/library/hivaids/Lost%20in%20translation.pdf
  14. I was in Pattaya may 2012 and had unprotected sex with a lady, the next day had a tingling feeling ( no puss, no burning sensation or sores just a tingling sensation ) in my urthea. When back in Australia i had all the tests done for all common std and aids. Everything came up clean so seeked a 2nd Check and again everything clean. I know for a fact that i have some sort of bacteria and have also given it to my now ex girlfriend. I had this feeling once in Bali and the doctor gave me a injection, said its not a std but a bacteria the local girls carry, with 2 days of the injection i was better, thing is in Australia they wont treat me without any clear indication as to what it is and they can not find anything. Heading back to Pattaya for 21 days xmas/new year to see if the doctors there know about this common bacteria that is not a normal STD. Has anyone else experienced this and how were you treated, its very frustrating !!!
  15. Even if you have no symptoms, do any of you take antibiotics just in case you've picked up chlamydia, gonorrhea or syphilis after a few days of debauchery? If so, where do you go to get the antibiotics and what do you take? There seem to be lots of pharmacies in Nana and they don't require prescriptions.
  16. Hi all. Thanks in advance for readin my post. I recently had anal sex with a ladyboy. A few hours after this when I was going to the toilet I noticed a clear/white jelly like substance coming from my anus. The sex we had was protected so I am confident that this wasnt semen. Is this mucous normal? Please advise Kind regards Si
  17. I am currently in Pattaya. one month ago I decided to experiment with a ladyboy. I did bouth top and bottom, I thougt she (he) used a condom but this idiot took it off. I noticed it after a few seconds but am now concerned about STD. I know you can do the HIV duo test after 4 weeks. does anybody know the cheapest place in pattaya to do so (it supposed to be a bit expensive). and allso im a bit shy about telling a doctor about involving in "ladyboysex" and I know with gonorre and klamydia they need to take a sample from your bum to now for shure when being bottom :Cry 2: . does anybody know a clinic whos good at helping you with this in pattaya?
  18. CUDY4


    A day or two after uncovered BJ from beach road LB. I was contentedly taking my late morning shower, when I was rather supprised and shocked to notice that the end of my instrument had turned an alarming reddy/purple colour aglow with whitish spots. As I was not aware of any STDs with these symtoms, confusion as well as panic also set in. I pondered uncomfortably for a few minutes with thoghts of; is this the end of my holiday pleasures? and if any girl sees this ST is likely to be very very short. Etc Following this brief comtemplation I next scurried hotfoot to the nearby internet cafe for further online information. As it turned out regular application of an anti fungul cream from the pharmacy calmed these symtoms down fairly quickly. It sems to me that from this and an earliar experience of something else, that if I catch anything in Patts its likely to be the state of the art version as nasty little micro organisms are constantly evolving in an ideal environment. However my immune system subsequently kicked in and all's well that ends well, to quote the immortal bard. I just thought I'd share that. CUDY ONE MOMENTS BLISS IS WORTH AN AGE WITHOUT A NAME OAPs ROCK
  19. I've read many, many stories about unlucky encouters with girls or LB's. Condom broke, too horny to put it etc. After the unfortunate event, the worrying begins. The most terrifying stories about a misinterpreted flu (he thought he had HIV). So I wondered, if there is a ladyboy bar / or gogo, where all the LB are tested every 3 months... This would lower the worrying considerably if a condom breaks. For the girl-scene we've got Devils Den, but is there something similar for the LB scene? (I fully inderstand that there aint a 100% guarantee the LB is clean, even when they do get tested frequently)
  20. Are condoms bought in Thailand (or elsewhere in SE Asia) all one size ?
  21. http://articles.philly.com/2011-03-03/news/28649605_1_t-cells-immune-cells-hiv-positive In a feat that is renewing hopes for conquering AIDS, researchers have genetically engineered patients' vital immune cells to make them resistant to HIV infection. To confer this invulnerability, scientists took the immune cells from HIV-positive patients' own blood, then snipped out a single gene - the first time such a precise alteration has been achieved on a meaningful scale. When put back in the patient, the cells no longer make a receptor that HIV needs to enter the cell, effectively blocking the virus. At an AIDS conference Wednesday in Boston, University of Pennsylvania gene-therapy expert Carl June presented data from nine HIV-positive patients who received the novel treatment in Philadelphia, New York, and California. The first patient received the one-shot infusion in July 2009.
  22. CUDY4


  23. Having trouble deciding what condoms to buy and what lube as well. Most info on the forum seems to be for brands available in Europe or North America. What do the Aussie guys use? I was married for 20 years but thats over now, so I haven't had to use any. In LOS in the mid 80's didn't have to use them as HIV was not a huge problem among the hetro rooters! I bought some durex recently but they appear to have been too small, though according to the net I'm in the Mr average range. Only a bit over two weeks to go before arrive in LOS. So what is a good safe condom to use (The last time I used one it broke on me, thought it felt too good!!) ? Also some lube recommendations would be appreciated.
  24. back on 24 December 2010 i posted this info on the sister board in the health area, i went back to this clinic today and so i thought i would post the old comment, and also the new ones and a PDF (see link below in attachment area) with photos explaining how to get to it and what they do there. If you do not have the Adobe Acrobat software program to view this type of document you may download the free Adobe Reader software from the official Adobe Website here: http://get.adobe.com/reader/otherversions/ this is my original post from the BKK board. you can have some tests done in one day and get the results and consultation, and for people who have some time (1 week or more depending on what they do or do not find, and any further testing they will recommend) and want to have subsequent testing done i suggest that you try this place for STD screening: Bang Rak Hospital STI Clinic 189 Sathon Tai Yannawa, Sathon, Bangkok 10500, Thailand 02-2860431 this is a govt hospital that is a major part of all the international STD programs for Thailand, especially HIV/Aides. they were one of the first in Asia to sign on to the International effort to figure all this out and that is all they do there. i have been several times for my periodic check-ups. very friendly, very matter of fact, and no bs or attitude was ever expressed to me on either visit. they will check everything. NOTE: the posters on the walls of this place may have you grabbing your junk and running for the hills. very graphic depictions of what STDs can do when they ravage your body. these STD posters make the pictures on the cigarette packs look appealing. but at least you will know what you are up against the next time you get naked and start thinking about stabbing the black peanut BB. these people conduct the most thorough tests known to the medical profession anywhere. they have always been in the forefront of the cause to reduce STDs. they are also very inexpensive as it is government run mainly a place for Thais. take the BTS to Chong Nonsi Station on the Silom line. as shown in the map below. if you call them simply ask for an English speaker if one does not answer the phone. GOOGLE MAPS: http://maps.google.com/maps?hl=&q=189+South+Sathorn+Road%2C+Bangkok&sourceid=navclient-ff&rlz=1B3GGGL_en___TH230&ie=UTF-8 bkk-sti-clinic.pdf
  25. Scientists find way to ‘disarm’ AIDS virus September 19th, 2011 (Reuters) – Scientists have found a way to prevent HIV from damaging the immune system and say their discovery may offer a new approach to developing a vaccine against AIDS. Researchers from the United States and Europe working in laboratories on the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) found it is unable to damage the immune system if cholesterol is removed from the virus’s membrane. “It’s like an army that has lost its weapons but still has flags, so another army can recognize it and attack it,” said Adriano Boasso of Imperial College London, who led the study. The team now plans to investigate how to use this way of inactivating the virus and possibly develop it into a vaccine. Usually when a person becomes infected with HIV, the body’s innate immune response puts up an immediate defense. But some researchers believe HIV causes the innate immune system to overreact. This weakens the immune system’s next line of defense, known as the adaptive immune response. For this study — published on Monday in the journal Blood — Boasso’s team removed cholesterol from the membrane around the virus and found that this stopped HIV from triggering the innate immune response. This in turn led to a stronger adaptive response, orchestrated by a type of immune cells called T cells. AIDS kills around 1.8 million people a year worldwide. An estimated 2.6 million people caught HIV in 2009, and 33.3 million people are living with the virus. Major producers of current HIV drugs include Gilead Bristol Myers Squibb, Merck, Pfizer and GlaxoSmithKline. Scientists from companies, non-profits and governments around the world have been trying for many years to make a vaccine against HIV but have so far had only limited success. A 2009 study in Thailand involving 16,000 volunteers showed for the first time that a vaccine could prevent HIV infection in a small number of people, but since the efficacy was only around 30 percent researchers were forced back to the drawing board. An American team working on an experimental HIV vaccine said in May that it helped monkeys with a form of the AIDS virus control the infection for more than a year, suggesting it may lead to a vaccine for people. HIV is spread in many ways — during sex, on needles shared by drug users, in breast milk and in blood — so there is no single easy way to prevent infection. The virus also mutates quickly and can hide from the immune system, and attacks the very cells sent to battle it. “HIV is very sneaky,” Boasso said in a statement. “It evades the host’s defenses by triggering overblown responses that damage the immune system. It’s like revving your car in first gear for too long — eventually the engine blows out. He said this may be why developing a vaccine has proven so tricky. “Most vaccines prime the adaptive response to recognize the invader, but it’s hard for this to work if the virus triggers other mechanisms that weaken the adaptive response.” HIV takes its membrane from the cell that it infects, the researchers explained in their study. This membrane contains cholesterol, which helps keep it fluid and enables it to interact with particular types of cell. Normally, a subset of immune cells called plasmacytoid dendritic cells (pDCs) recognize HIV quickly and react by producing signaling molecules called interferons. These signals activate various processes which are initially helpful, but which damage the immune system if switched on for too long. Working with scientists Johns Hopkins University, the University of Milan and Innsbruck University, Boasso’s team found that if cholesterol is removed from HIV’s envelope, it can no longer activate pDCs. As a result, T cells, which orchestrate the adaptive response, can fight the virus more effectively.
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