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Anyone know this one from WS?

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Transvestite arrested for stealing necklace from tourist


Pattaya police have arrested a Thai transvestite for allegedly stealing cash and a gold necklace from a Russian tourist.

Sakda Chuwong, 26, better known among Pattaya transvestites as Noey of Walking Street, was arrested under a warrant issued by the Pattaya Court on Monday.


She was accused of collaborating with another transvestite to lure the tourist to drink and become drunk before they took him back to his hotel on the night of October 10.


They allegedly took Bt4,000 in cash and a 75-gram gold necklace from the tourist's deposit box that he had left open.


The tourist filed a complaint with police on the following day and police used the hotel’s CCTV footage to obtain the arrest warrant against Sakda and her friend.


Sakda admitted stealing from the tourist, saying she needed money for a sex-change operation.


nation theft.jpg


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The questions we ask, tell us something about who we are, or who we want to be.


Perhaps I can add a nosy question/speculation;

The more hours that pass without an answer, one might think that whatever her occupation and possible extra jobs,

she is not known to many of the (falang) punters here.


I am guessing that she is an unknown in Pattaya. She might not even have worked as a bar girl in other cities.


I am not saying that she has been tested for having meth amphetamines in her blood,

however it probably sounds better to talk about a need for a sex change op rather than one needing money to buy (more) meth for personal use, or other reasons that are not "kosher".



abba - the not-so-super-sleuth :)

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