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Rip off phone shop in Harbor Mail

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avoid 'The Max Phone' Harbor Mail



against my advise my lbgf bought an iphone 6s plus for 12,900 baht from this shop, they told her it was new but it was not, they told her it had a 2 week warranty, but when it stopped working after a couple of days because of a NAND chip error (code 4013) they did not seem to know what a NAND chip was (despite claiming they can repair Iphones) kept going on about how it needed resetting on an imac, (complete bollox) and wanted money to fix it (so the warranty was complete bollox also)


Eventually had the NAND chip replaced in a different shop but after that the screen kept freezing and the bluetooth stopped working.


Now a few months later appears to be completely bricked and there is no recourse so she probably will have to sell it for spares for a fraction of what she paid and buy a new phone.


Personally I would avoid all the independent phone stands at Harbor/Tukcom/MBK and everywhere else.


I only buy phones in Thailand from proper big company's like Jaymart, Powerbuy etc where I get a proper manufactures 1 year warranty.

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