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Going to HCMC

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12 hours ago, thegoodlife said:

Who is pizza can some give me his username 

Send me the money and I'll do the trip for you to save you the effort. :rolleyes:

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GF and I spent 10 days there last year and enjoyed it. No mongering of course but the girls there are lovely. Like Duk007 said just type "tourist attractions in HCM" into google and you will get a lot of responses. We went to Halong Bay for a day trip, well worth it. 

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If you are going to Ho Chi Minh;

Then may I suggest you stay in Pham Ngu Lao.

It is the Backpacker area and if One wants to find cheap accommodation and tours it is a good place to start from.

Be careful of scams. Especially those surrounding the very similar colour schemes of monetary notes.

Make sure when getting your change that you identify, positively the numerical currency on Viet notes.

A good example is 20,000 Dong notes versus 5,000.

I was caught out on this in a game of low stakes pool.

Where the winner palmed the note I gave him for a 20,000 Dong bet and brought up a 5,000 Dong note and showed it to me as if I had short changed him.

A very cheap lesson, but remember all these notes have the same Character on them. Easy to confuse.



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