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  1. tenedave

    The Taxi Ride

    From the airport B1100 from downtown Bangkok B1500 is the usual pricing. Be well Dave
  2. Probably the easiest way would be get off at Jomtien the get the baht bus back. A bit longer but by far the easiest. If you get off at king power you will have to walk down to big c extra most likely to get a Baht bus. Be well Dave. Ps a taxi is only B1,100 quickest and most comfortable.
  3. tenedave

    Booking internal flight

    I can understand that but flying with thai and bangkok air you get the allowance for a big case so wont incur the extra cost and easy enough in Chiang mai as taxi straight outside. Think still only B160 into downtown Chiang Mai. Be well Dave
  4. tenedave

    Booking internal flight

  5. tenedave

    I'm nok on Pattaya

    Well Hello Nok, looking hot.
  6. tenedave

    LHR - BKK - HKT Immigration Question

    If you booked your flight. Heathrow to Phuket then your bags will go all the way and you will clear immigration at Phuket. If you booked separate flights you will have to clear immigration in Bangkok then check in again. Hope this helps Dave