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  2. I always carry antibiotics with me when I travel. I've stopped a few potentially major episodes of food poisoning. As soon as I feel the symptoms start to come on I pop the pills ASAP.
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  4. i had the meatball sandwich from Subway in Patong on the beachroad...never been so sick in my life ..eat it at round 11 pm..go back room and go sleep..wake up at 3 am everything ok until i sit up in bed...just remember the scene from "The Exorcist" ... been sick for 3 days...
  5. Thanks for the recommendations. I highly recommend the Bake n Brew - the problem is that it is not working at the moment, because of Songkran - I think they will reopen on 20 April Will try to Ploy coffee and the Malamute coffee this week as well (the second one looks really cool).
  6. Yes I agree with you, the interior is very nice as well. But what about about a decent cup of Tea, most if not all fall flat on their faces in this regard.
  7. 12 months or so ago, I stumbled across a little place next Pattaya Memorial Hospital. Place was called Malamute Coffee, very cosy little spot. Cant remember the cost, but the food was good, coffee was great.
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  9. Another one from Nick Amazing Thai Streetfood at Amazingly Cheap Prices.
  10. I get Maxwell House coffee delivered thru Lazada. Drank it most of my life. Brew it. Maybe I should open a coffee shop.
  11. Hi midge. Sure. I'm a bit unclear about the dates you are staying at Canterbury tales. Is it from November 2019 to March 2020
  12. Can't go wrong with the Hideaway IMO, get a glass of nam pao as well, supposedly for cleansing the palate before drinking. I just hydrate. From Time to Time, Andy does promotions on the coffee in the mornings.
  13. Hi i stay in Canterbury Tales between nov. and march 20.If you there in this time we can meet for some drinks.Cheers.
  14. Decent coffee at the Continental Bakery on Soi Xcyte just past the Triangle Bar
  15. Hi..

    Can You take Pictures from my Ass And Cock and Balls??


  16. Bake & Brew has become my regular over recent trips. Ploy Coffee at the beach road end of Soi 8 is also good. Sent from my Mi MIX 2 using Tapatalk
  17. You are so right mate Cheers.I hate her too.
  18. Some of this could also be related to the bum gun. Not that it would make you puke like food poisoning, but I think putting Thai water up your ass is the same as drinking it....except instead of puking, you can get a stomach ache and maybe the squirts.
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