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  2. Hey buddy 

    Can you give me the information for the agency to assist in getting a Thai license? I am not going to tell you I got a second ticket last night for no helmet.. Stupid!

    I want to get everything legal and put it behind me. Too many LBs to sample to let this be an issue.


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  4. When ignoring users I tick all options available - posts, messages, signatures and mentions. For trolls this is only does half the job. We still see their bullshit posts when others reply and quote them. This alone went crazy a few weeks ago. It would be an improvement if we could also ignore any post which replies and quotes them. . This isn't about being a snowflake. It's about being able to effectively silence trolls.
  5. i know this post is 9 years old , nearly 10 years but Spurt Reynolds funniest thing i've read on this forum for ages...
  6. I saw your post asking about Natty from Ladyboy Gold.  I have her LINE id if you want it

  7. Compose some written contributions and all shall (once again) be revealed .
  8. I might be a Newbie here, but I'm no stranger to loving LB's

  9. please approve my account please

  10. good times long gone by, fish odette plus ??odette,fish and ?.jpgfish.jpg

  11. New here and just want to say hello. Was hoping to get back to the Land of Smiles in Jan/Feb 2022 but it's not looking too promising. After all of the COVID restrictions and quarantines, I really need to spend to get myself hooked up with some fine ladyboy ass for a couple of weeks. The more the merrier. My hope is things improve over there in the next few months.

  12.  bonjourno       :Mooning:      :Camera:    

    1. piccanninny60


      Hello my friend, I trust all is well.

  13. ausara2228 (Balloon );)

  14. you should put FOUR exclamation points at the end of this post............. so we can really feel the hysterical pouting and stomping of feet that's going on. ”So be it !!!!!” I hope there is a kleenex near the keyboard. You know..... ”a tissue for the issue”. BTW....... I'm just kidding mate. Lads can all agree to disagree and figure out ways to play in a sandbox together. But as a male amongst all males on this site.....some light ”Busting Balls” (taking the piss) is a traditional response to something like this. No need for bad vibes.....just move on as the Sheriff says. Thailand is opening up again!! We can all agree that's positive.
  15. This so called snowflake will ask again... does anybody know how to put someone on ignore via your phone? If I'm a Karen for wanting to never read a certain Bm's bullshit ever again, so be it!!
  16. very well said Lbshagger. Snowflakes is a good word to describe them. They are like LB Loving versions of ”Karens” They love women. They love LBs. Cool. And they love to bitch and nag like women too. Not Cool. Maybe it's all the hormones they are drinking in LB saliva and cum.
  17. You start to fan the flames a bit and real soon you will get the " put down the handbags" warning and then the whole thing will ,poof, be gone into the belly of a hoover.
  18. Forum is full of sensitive snowflakes. Just read the posts and move on, or engage the poster and give them some shit. Fan the flames a bit, nothing much else to do until things return to normal. Last I checked, this is just the internet and the Matrix was a sci-fi movie. It's not real.
  19. Relax Nancy ... like so so many others I have this Forum on ignore.
  20. Do you know the difference between Hilbert space and Banach space?

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