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  2. Hi I am ladyboy 

  3. New to this Forum~

  4. This sweet girl is number one, always will be in my view.

  5. Hi Podrick 


    Where can this massuse be found

     PS Im in Pattaya !!

    1. Podrick2


      Please send again.  Its raining and  My computa has a virus

  6. Tried to send you a PM but it didn't work. Are you on any other social media you horrible little cunt? :)

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    2. frankdrebin


      Good Morning (Evening to you!)

      There are many reasons that could explain why you're an annoying little cunt and based on my extensive experience and expertise in cuntery of all forms, I have set these out below:

      • You're little - sorry to say this Jimmy, but persons of smaller stature are just more naturally prone to utter cuntishness
      • You're an Aussie - this makes you a cunt
      • Parents - if your parent were cunts, it's quite likely you will be to - I'm not sure it's a genetic characteristic that is inherited, or whether you just start to pick it is you grow up
      • Humour - most cunts think they're funny (quite often they are)
      • Boredom - sometimes you just get bored and need to be cunt

      I'm fairly sure I did a powerpoint presentation on this subject so I'll have to see if I can find it, in the meantime, I hope this helps.


    3. Jimmy_Lovepants


      It's all just a natural gift, innit?


    4. Jimmy_Lovepants


      I asked my sister if the whole family were cunts..... She said no, it's (mostly) just you. :blink:


  7. Hello. How can I give comment on a lb. I don't see how I have the do that. 


  8. Peter Tam here how you doing

  9. Thanks for your trip report

  10. Hi, lb lover with large experience in LB hunting. Feel free to ask

  11. Whats the best way to send you money to help support the girls during this trying time?

  12. Hello,

                  I am moved by your account of your experiences and suffering in hospital.  What a nightmare.

    I hope you made a full recovery now and are OK.

    But you show not your location or any details. Not even a pic of your car.  55 If you are in Pattaya I say hello at 2 metres separation.  ha ha

  13. Thanks for the help! Tapatalk was preventing me from making my first posts too
  14. Is there any chance of getting an unused username released? The one I'm after was registered over 2 years ago, never logged back in since and hasn't made any posts. I'm planning to move back to Thailand after the pandemic is over so will be sure to repay your kindness with some trip reports etc
  15. I come in peace. I really do. Not a stalker, not a psycho. I'm here for insight mainly. I may share a thought or two as time goes by...

  16. Being an Advanced Member of Pattaya Addicts does not automatically give you Advanced here...and vice versa. The forums are two different identities.

  18. Who else has stocked up on semi precious metals? (Brass, Copper, Lead and Tin) Seems it's appropriate during these upcoming crazy times. Stay safe, boys!

    1. ThailandTraveller73


      Stocking up on gold,silver,etc is great,but if they don't stock up with plenty of brass and lead ,well,then people are just stocking up metals(also food.water,etc.) for the biggest,toughest guy on the block,because he's gonna come and take it from them.Good luck to all of you during this turbulent time.Keep your wits and think.Those that can keep their heads straight while others are panicking will fair much better.

  19. Hi, I am advance member in "pattaya addicts forum" can I become advance here please?
  20. Me neither ... let’s talk in June unless there is something you can tell me what it is you really look for ...cheers

  21. Happy Birthday Party Papa Josh At Baby Boom Sat 14 March Starts 8 Pm

  22. Hello Kwan.  I had looked using said USF (your novel acronym, which I propose be included as international standard), and even now, excluding mine, the 8th one listed was about a 2015 rendition.  The list from AusMagoo was most informative and I appreciate you both :)  Glad the mod pulled it, I was afraid of the possible ensuing repetition and the redundancy.  Just as  I thought, there were a few clarifications for me, which is what I wanted.  After all, I didn't fall out my mama knowing all this wisdom.  Thanks again :)

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