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  2. Hi did you ever find out if the whisper hotel was ladyboy friendly

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  4. Staying High & Dry :)

  5. Hi Peter,

    I see on the site that I'm a member+ now. What does that mean? Can I see the files now? :)

    Grtz, Floop

  6. The better question is, Why would anyone want to be an Advanced Member? Isn't that status part of the forum's official disciplinary tier - warnings, restrictions, Advanced Membership, then total banning.
  7. I am a lover of Thai ladies and LB. On my bucket list is still a threesome with 2 ladies and with 2 LB. Can anyone tell me the easiest way to realize this? 

    1. Georgeafter


      ограничители перенапряжения опн https://energy-21.ru/katalog/opn/category/ogranichiteli-perenapryazheniya-dlya-elektricheskih-setej-napryazheniem-10-kv опн 10 кв

    2. Georgeafter


      ограничители опн https://energy-21.ru/katalog/opn/category/opn-330-kv опн 10 12 ухл1

  8. hello justber can you please write to me where i can find Ae/ Janny, thank you

  9. The time window for editing posts has been considerably reduced for all BMs, regardless of status....quite irritating at times, but I understand the reasoning.
  10. Could I please ask for advanced status? My reason is that I want to be able consolidate information on the General Angeles Thread. I can't edit a post once its been up for a certain period - which I think an advanced member can do?
  11. Is Arabella Estrella still in town ? Thank you for an answer.

    1. LordJim


      Don’t know nor do I care ….she is horrible !

    2. chomi


      I agree....  thank you for the fast answer.


  12. LOS Monday. :TrouserCough:

  13. Hi,

    J&P Court on Soi Lengkee.

    Do you now their prices, are beds soft, LB friendly etc.

    Thank you for helping.

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    2. Sandman


      How much did you pay for a room at the Vogue? A bar owner in Soi Chaiyapoom said that rooms are presently available at the Vogue for Baht 600 a night, bur rates shown online are more.

    3. snoop-dawg


      Thanks for the info about j & p. Hopefully they will be open again in November.

    4. LWFM


      Paid 31AUD with Agoda. Heard it is popular so was concerned about a walk-in. Their deluxe rooms were all booked out. Looked at P Plus on soi excite but there is now a loud music venue across the street and some rooms on YouTube look dirty.

      Looks like J&P are finally updating ... prices will higher no doubt for a while.

  14. @Jaguar and @petesie , in case you can help me giving this visibility to the forum admins, ect.. Thx for help
  15. Hello everyone For my previous trip to Thailand, I use to take notes into a private blog section provided at Pattaya Addicts Forum.. and currently it is not the forum I am most active.. instead, I do visit this forums Can the mods/admins consider adding into our profiles this "Blog" option?.. I mean, this might be a wonderful tool for notes in order to prepare our next visits to LOS Thx for reading
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