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  2. i have had loads of notifications to hotmail this pm... all items that i 'follow'.. except i don't particularly follow them, they are just updates on topics i've posted in over the last few months...many long forgotten any one else getting bombarded...how to cure... click on your username [top right] on the drop down menu click on managed topics... in there you can change preferences.
  3. Upon further testing, the hotmail and gmail notifications are coming through pretty much instantly. (as they should). But I'm getting a delay on the yahoo ones, as and when they drop through.
  4. Notifications coming through on Yahoo OK - but Forum not loading - working using VPN though. Carry On. !
  5. The major mail providers such as Yahoo, outlook/hotmail and Gmail may be treating our messages as SPAM. As a result, please be sure to check your Junk or Spam folder to see if your messages are in there. You can also mark them as not spam and try adding ladyboyspattaya to your Safe Senders list to try and prevent further messages being marked as spam. This also applies to notification emails and password resets.
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  7. Yeah I’ve stopped using Crapatalk and it seems to be ok now. Thanks for your help.
  8. You're right ... I used a word a little loud just for provocation.... anyway thank you for answering me , I never write but I connect to the forum every day, I can not live without !! thanks in advance
  9. As Kendo said.... your first couple of posts have been approved. On the injustice comment...… maybe the injustice to the forum could be from you.... you joined in Nov 2008.... near on 11 years ago and you are now making your first contribution to the forum after all that time.
  10. I have also tried to write messages in the past but they have never been published... I wrote one yesterday, but nothing... Unfortunately I've been blocked too... It's an injustice... so no one will be able to read even this message
  11. Last week
  12. I think the error message you were getting is more a Tapatalk issue than one on the forum as you've now made a few posts already.
  13. good luck mate and hope to see you on the ground soon . Most new members post the 3 or so comments first up and then you are in but please make your comments respectful or you will never get out of the starting gate . Who knows , you may even become an advanced member down the track.
  14. If it had been made clear that unless make contributions you get locked out then I would of been more involved. But I’m told that 3 is the the magic number so hopefully this will give me permission again. I’ll start posting regularly from now. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Just make ( I think its 3 posts ) a comment on the thread you can see and then you will have access to most of the threads . Its how we all started on here .
  16. How can I post or even reply when I keep getting “you don’t have permission to reply”!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  18. Stockings And Show night At Baby Boom On Sun 20 Oct Starts 10 Pm

  19. Loaded Prae ID

    Will definitely reach out after I land in country on November 7

    Can I say who gave me her line ID?


    1. Randysavage


      Yeah sure...though she only knows me by my first name (which i won't disclose here)....although i did ask her permission before posting. She's seen the thread, it's all good. 

      You can chat with her now...she super friendly, just don't ask for naked pics...cheers   

  20. Welcome to the Dark Side   xxxxx :ph34r: :witchhunt:

  21. i hope you d,ont mind me following your posts etc i can see you have so much more experience in the field of beautiful lasdyboys thank you

    1. kathoeyfan


      No worries at all.  Share what I can and hope you will too

    2. penhp


      yes of course

  22. Nokyoung.s Birthday Party Thur 10 Oct starts 9 PM At Baby Boom

  23. Cabaret & Lesbian show night -

    Sat 19th October at Sweethearts Bar

    1. mv12345


      thank you for the heads up . I come up to Pattaya 6-7 times a year and would really appreciate these messages so i know where to go .Matt

  24. 4 Year Anniversary Party of the New Baby Boom Tue 1 Oct starts 9 PM

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