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  2. Do you have Line or Messenger of Sandy?

    As I'll be in Patya next April, I'm interested to meet her.


    1. snoop-dawg


      She's Sandy Osaka on Facebook but changes it regularly. She's also working on Soi Honey at a massage next to "Up In Smoke".



    2. 666999




  3. Long time no see. I hope you are all right. 

  4. Are you still around?  Having a little trouble with my Agoda reservations.

  5. All good brother, I fully understand, that some of you desperately need something to fuck and if there is no LB around and the next trip to LB heaven far away then at least a good thread will do. Now, seriously, in another forum I use to write occasionally, there are those 2 arrows where you can undo your last action. A text, you unintentionally deleted, won`t be restored by the editor, only if you closed the session without posting it.
  6. This is how I do my TR's, it's probably one of the best ways, once you paste your text here, you just open the 'size' panel and choose a size, wish it were like that when choosing LB's , from memory I think 14 or 16 is the proper size font. There used to be a functioning 'auto save', once you started typing something and didn't post it straight away, it used to auto save it but I tried waiting for it to pop up, it didn't. You used to be able to click on 'quote' and whatever you had typed in previously would automatically be there.
  7. You're missing out, but not only that other people would be missing out because you're so selfish Apologies to the OP for yet another threadfuck
  8. Spare us the supermarket report frank! Writing up a TR on Word then copying to the forum doesn't work actually. I tried to and the formatting was all mucked up - tiny font which everyone complained about (hehe) .. BTW I always take fistfuls of peyote and mescaline before logging on.
  9. That works most of the time but I have found it doesn't always work - admittedly that could be down to the three bottles of merlot I have to drink before I can face this forum! Certainly if I was doing a trip report I would do it in Word first where it's autosaved, then copy across, but as the biggest trip I've done in five years is to the local pub or supermarket, I haven't bothered* *If there is enough interest I will do a supermarket trip report, including photos.
  10. I find if you click away from the post and thread, then click back on to it - there is an option to restore the text you'd written. (Or you can clear all). I don't know if everyone sees this.
  11. If you are writing a long post best do it on a "stable" medium like Notepad, Word, etc.. Then when you are done just copy/paste here.
  12. It`s so frustrating. Sometimes I write a post, which can be time consuming, and then I unintentionally hit some part of my keyboard and it is gone. Is there a way to restore it in such a situation, like those 2 arrows in the WORD program, where you can go back or forward to the last changes you have made?
  13. Where are you?

  14. Enjoy your holiday mate.   :Devil:

  15. Getting excited to be in Pattaya soon.

  16. I got the same thing, I googled the error message and it said something about it being moved or removed by moderators, it is a known error in the software they use for the forum. If you mark the forum or site as read it will go away and you won't need to see the offending post.
  17. Well I’ve been on here near on 10 years now I can’t view one topic. “ are the British bigger perverts” as I need to register. But everything else is ok . And also I commented last night but now cannot view . Obviously a glitch
  18. XRP ...  "The Standard."    :Goldie:

  19. Next trip Pattaya: Oct 31st - Nov 30th

  20. tried to pm you nut you not receiving message

    why not

    when you back in patts?

    Big T

  21. Next trip to LoS : November 2022

  22. Tannoy message on 37th minute for a Mr Duke, no doubt you were in the toilet…

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