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  2. Testing will do you no good, but Pattaya Memorial may be able to help with PEP. Go ASAP if you're going.
  3. Went to visit Benjamitt coffee today, but it says it will reopen on 24th of April. Ended a 20 meters away in Toto cafe -same view towards the market - nice espresso.
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  5. Guys... I'm freaking out a little here. I actually did have a condom break with a GG last night. First time it's ever happened to me, generally my condom brand of choice has been super reliable. Anyone have experience with Pattaya Memorial for getting tested and PEP? Is there somewhere else in Pattaya you'd recommend? Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
  6. The Coffee Club at the entrance of Royal Garden Mall on 2nd Rd does some nice flat whites/latte's but Starbucks prices.
  7. i once , long time ago, make the rookie mistake to think de visa was for 1 month aka 31 days...came to the passport check and was pull aside and take to a counter..no idea what was happening. The officer at the desk was very friendly and told me i was overstay..and he explain to me very patiently that it was 30 days and not 31 days..he give my passport back with a big smile and wished me happy travels .. I go to the first bar and get me a cold one...555 No worry's...
  8. Looks great... I'm yet to make my way down Benjamit. I may have to see to that very soon. Bake & Brew's americano is the staple of my Pattaya mornings.
  9. Mate I have zero medical training but maybe some probiotics like Yakult to add good bacteria to the stomach and change the bum gun head or have a bit of disinfectant in a bowl near the toilet and rinse in water before use. I agree that it is better than paper and just a slight adjustment here or a little tweak there maybe all that is needed to come up smelling like roses so to speak. If you do come up with a very angry bowel in the near future, get yourself down to Samsungs9 residence and fill up her letterbox 555.
  10. Like most of us I like bum guns . Its far more efficient , cleaner and better for the sewage plant system than paper , which is frankly revolting . And like many of us I have started using it as an enema gun , even if I am not intending to "get my back door bashed in " I will often have a rinse out of the rectum/lower intestinal region . However lately I have started feeling stomach cramps then enormous farts developing and general discomfort My gf believes that this may be caused by using the gun to wash out , I am very careful not to blast too much water in there so its not a physical damage thing . I suspect it could be that I am changing the balance of the bacteria in my rectum and this is possibly not a good thing . Maybe I need to get some yogurt up there (sounds fun ) My GFs opinion is anecdotal and she doesn't know why it's not a good thing to over do it . But I find that local habitsand customs are often based upon sound principles so am wondering if this is an issue . Anyone have any more experience or advise ?
  11. A suppository delivers medicine through the rectum like a pill you swallow. Yet locally. You are delivering unfiltered Thai water, into your system. Might have some linings to pass....but it gets absorbed. Locally.
  12. 555...maybe some bacteria from a ladyboy's private area perhaps?
  13. I would doubt that very much. Do you know nothing about human anatomy? Better look for another excuse....maybe something that went down your gub from a a malevolent source.
  14. same same,im putting that down to my last bout of stomach ache and squirts, lasted for 4 days.
  15. Thanks for the info. When I stay in Thailand my condo is in Soi 5 Pratumnak so I usually eat around Soi 5
  16. Soi 5 Pratumnak Stephen. Started as a single fronted place and has now doubled in size due to popularity. Next door to an Italian restaurant.
  17. Yes. Soi 5 Pratumnak and it's next to an Italian restaurant. The next cross street is in the Kinnaree area mate.
  18. Don't put it like that, it takes all the romance out of it... 555
  19. There are a few on Soi 5 ...do you mean the one adjacent to the food/veg market ? It is good and very reasonably priced .......and also never had any issues there . Edit I am referring to Soi 5 Pratumnak ...
  20. Lord Jim I often eat up your neck of the woods in that restaurant on Soi 5. The one that has doubled in size since it opened. Never had a bad meal mate.
  21. I've had a bad stomach for the past few days , pains and cramps but not any diahorea or vomiting . I am pretty sure it started after I ate the Noodle Soup we regularly have from the food cart on our Soi ..she closed for about three days last weekend and I went there when she reopened . In hindsight it didn't taste nor smell as clean as usual (bit fishy ) ...I didn't realise until I had eaten half of it then left half . I wonder if it was because she was closed and she kept food stock too long ? It's put me off returning there ....... Ref CUDY's remarks above It always amuses me how some guys are paranoid that we may eat food contaminated by dirty hands , or touch a door handle in the toilet , or the seat , drink bottled water , avoid ice cubes etc etc ....then half of us go out , pick up a stranger and literally "eat his ass" and yet never seem to attribute our bad digestions to that practice .......... go figure
  22. In my experience its not the food that's the problem but the germs on the staffs fingers when they add uncooked stuff like cucumber etc to the cooked meals I only eat. I had a just made it to the Bog experience this last trip and four days of stomach pains etc. A consequence I feel sure of staffs infected hands touching the food Let's be careful out there
  23. hope the happy coffee round noon at the hideaway is stil there when i'm back.
  24. I always carry antibiotics with me when I travel. I've stopped a few potentially major episodes of food poisoning. As soon as I feel the symptoms start to come on I pop the pills ASAP.
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