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  2. hello, I wanted to congratulate you for going to make condolences to her family, when I think of her I still get tears in my eyes, could you kindly point me where the ashes were scattered ? in August I go back to pattaya and I would like to go and say hello to her, thanks in advance !!

    good evening


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  4. anyone fancy pulling my panties down ?? 




  5. Good to see you last night and explain a little about me acting like a twat lol . 

  6. Late replying but I think I was able to view trip reports before but not anymore. Good luck to everyone in the same situation.
  7. yeah I think it's 5 for standard member, 10 for + and 20 for advanced members. Used to be lower as said above but we all complained
  8. According to that message, yes. There is a tier system. Members and member+ cannot use as many reactions as advanced members. Not sure what the limit is but it was raised a while back. Use to be just three a day when I joined. Tight bastards.
  9. Hi, I am being restricted from "liking" posts. I do not think I liked more than FIVE posts today; or the other day when I noticed this happening. Is there some type of restriction I am hitting??? Thank you.
  10. Hope you are doing well, my friend. I'm planning on spending December and January in Thailand and it would b great to see you.Miss you, buddy. :)

  11. I'm confused- 32 posts above you and I can't see any of them.
  12. Flight times from Washington, DC are about 30 hours each way now.  Add to that the hoops one has to jump though now and I wonder if it's worth it. 

  13. ....and how many BMs have you got on ignore, because you disagree with an alternative view? But, of course, you won't be able to read this post! Double standards, or what?
  14. Of course it's a being a snowflake you just don't want any opposing view on your opinion about the vaccine. Please don't try to cover it up, call a spade a spade, why do you want to oppose an alternative,view?
  15. Hey buddy 

    Can you give me the information for the agency to assist in getting a Thai license? I am not going to tell you I got a second ticket last night for no helmet.. Stupid!

    I want to get everything legal and put it behind me. Too many LBs to sample to let this be an issue.


    1. soidog


      Sent you  PM on Wednesday. with details.  

  16. When ignoring users I tick all options available - posts, messages, signatures and mentions. For trolls this is only does half the job. We still see their bullshit posts when others reply and quote them. This alone went crazy a few weeks ago. It would be an improvement if we could also ignore any post which replies and quotes them. . This isn't about being a snowflake. It's about being able to effectively silence trolls.
  17. i know this post is 9 years old , nearly 10 years but Spurt Reynolds funniest thing i've read on this forum for ages...
  18. I saw your post asking about Natty from Ladyboy Gold.  I have her LINE id if you want it

  19. Compose some written contributions and all shall (once again) be revealed .
  20. I might be a Newbie here, but I'm no stranger to loving LB's

  21. please approve my account please

  22. good times long gone by, fish odette plus ??odette,fish and ?.jpgfish.jpg

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