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  2. You are absolutely beautiful 

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  4. good times long gone by, fish odette plus ??odette,fish and ?.jpgfish.jpg

  5.  bonjourno       :Mooning:      :Camera:    

  6. ausara2228 (Balloon );)

  7. you should put FOUR exclamation points at the end of this post............. so we can really feel the hysterical pouting and stomping of feet that's going on. ”So be it !!!!!” I hope there is a kleenex near the keyboard. You know..... ”a tissue for the issue”. BTW....... I'm just kidding mate. Lads can all agree to disagree and figure out ways to play in a sandbox together. But as a male amongst all males on this site.....some light ”Busting Balls” (taking the piss) is a traditional response to something like this. No need for bad vibes.....just move on as the Sheriff says. Thailand is opening up again!! We can all agree that's positive.
  8. This so called snowflake will ask again... does anybody know how to put someone on ignore via your phone? If I'm a Karen for wanting to never read a certain Bm's bullshit ever again, so be it!!
  9. very well said Lbshagger. Snowflakes is a good word to describe them. They are like LB Loving versions of ”Karens” They love women. They love LBs. Cool. And they love to bitch and nag like women too. Not Cool. Maybe it's all the hormones they are drinking in LB saliva and cum.
  10. You start to fan the flames a bit and real soon you will get the " put down the handbags" warning and then the whole thing will ,poof, be gone into the belly of a hoover.
  11. Forum is full of sensitive snowflakes. Just read the posts and move on, or engage the poster and give them some shit. Fan the flames a bit, nothing much else to do until things return to normal. Last I checked, this is just the internet and the Matrix was a sci-fi movie. It's not real.
  12. Relax Nancy ... like so so many others I have this Forum on ignore.
  13. Do you know the difference between Hilbert space and Banach space?

  14. This whole Corona bullshit never really bothered me at first but getting kind of bored not being able to travel anywhere...

  15. Pardon asking, is that you in the GIF?

  16. Is this possible to do on a phone?. Due to the reemergence of a certain BM who makes my skin crawl, I am in real need of this function!
  17. Thanks Jags.. No it's not Frank. I couldn't get along in forum life without Frank! I know he speaks highly of me too .
  18. Afternoon Jimmy Just hover over the horrible person's name / avatar on the left ..like thus ..at the bottom of the graphic you will find inbetween Message and Find Content .." Ignore User " There you can deal with the offending BM and never view their drivel ever again..a bad day for Frankdrebin I suspect
  19. Giving this a bump because I'm looking but can't find the Ignore function. Supposed to be on our profile page, but can't see it anywhere. Help. I think I need idiot-proof directions! Please type answers slowly because I don't read fast .
  20. cannot use Paypal. Please give me a bank account that I can send some money to in Thailand. Easy for me with Wise. dannymurray-

  21. the famous Anna                               And she is active now   if you are actually here      :Mooning:

  22.  Hi Jim.                                so,  4 days and you are virus free and out of lockdown?        And are making jokes about giving kamagra to lbs?                           I  live here permanently ,with lb Lena  in  a LTR.    But i am so old i can barely walk anymore ,crippled with arthritus.             So its too painful to hang out in bars.  But   I do get my lbs via   planetromeo.com           Are you on there?         Please say hi to bclusterbuck  on there   for some hot tips if you want.          And a couple too avoid.                         Would you like an experienced Priapic Dom LB called Anna?             Or a lovely young one with a big dick and hair down to her perfect bum?

    NICE POOL.png

    1. LordJim


      Hi mate ...not sure where we are posting now tbh ?

      I am in quarantine until then19th .....14 days in total

      have had 3 tests in past week all negative 


      Will have one more on day 12 then freeeeeeeedom and time to rape and pillage again !!


      nice pool,photo,....who is the LB ....looks good 

    2. Hig Gins

      Hig Gins

      Hmmm, not sure what this is?  Not a post or a PM but status update?  I don't think I've seen it before, but seem to be public?

      @Podrick2 yeah, been out of quarantine for 48h now and already been a naughty drunk boy, 2 nice lbs and a 41kg gg has been on the menu so far.  Hard to pace yourself after 14months away.  I used PR before, but not much anymore, is it better than TF? I got like 15 ladies in the pipeline so will need a couple of weeks to catch up.

      @LordJim you in quarantine now?  Mine went surprisingly quick, I had a 50sqm suite so not as claustrophobic as a smaller hotel room probably would be.

      Just sent this little spinner home, very nice actually and surprisingly hung for her size.  Gotta love this place :) 


  23. Search engines don't have access to the non-public forums; i.e., the ones you need to be logged in to see.
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