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  1. So... The HIV subject is almost done... What's next I wonder?

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    2. Terry Tibbs

      Terry Tibbs

      Kendo... I'm not gay, my ladyboy girlfriend is!


      Mp85... I get it for free!


      Bricktop... Not me!


      Slacker... 500 baht seems reasonable, about the same as a taxi at home.


      Bax... As it's you, okay!



    3. Bax
    4. Ghost Of Steptoe

      Ghost Of Steptoe

      Is Solice Gay ? Lol

  2. Genuinely can't believe after all the shit they are back together!!

  3. The mrs announced she is leaving me because I have bought too many penis extension kits... She said she can't take it any longer.

    1. Jimmy_Lovepants


      Did I laugh, Terry? I shat meself!



      There are no limits for perection!

  4. Have a play with the settings on the left side after you have clicked VNC. Working for me.
  5. Back to work today... Getting up early this morning was hard!

    1. sir d

      sir d

      You actually have a proper job?? Thanks for this forum and Happy New Year!

    2. Terry Tibbs

      Terry Tibbs

      Yes... Gotta pay the bills! Thanks for sticking around and same to you!

  6. Merry Christmas all!

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    2. Terry Tibbs

      Terry Tibbs

      So much food yesterday! Off to the zoo today... Hope your all happy with your presents!

    3. Up2You


      Same to you TT

    4. Solice


      know what you mean about the food TT, I ate that much last night I was sick in my sleep, which woke me up. My own fault I really was a pig yesterday

  7. Oral sex makes your day... Anal sex makes your hole weak.

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    2. Terry Tibbs

      Terry Tibbs

      Oldest are the best eh!

    3. Justin Sane
    4. American Eagle

      American Eagle

      having the hersey squirts lately are you? 555+

  8. No... why would we delete pictures? might help if you provide some links.
    1. McFly


      TT, You must be either A) totally bored or B) have too much time on your hands or C) be in to pyrotechnics.

    2. Mr. Bickle

      Mr. Bickle

      youre a potential suicide bomber TT....you need help-555

  9. We currently have a 5 user licence because when I bought a 20 user licence hardly anyone used it. I'll look at upgrading it again.
  10. It's going to be a good weekend...

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    2. Terry Tibbs

      Terry Tibbs

      Ha ha... might be even better than that! So happy your on my wavelength though!

    3. Terry Tibbs

      Terry Tibbs

      I just called the rape helpline... they said its only for victims though.

    4. Terry Tibbs

      Terry Tibbs

      Go have a cheeky wank in the toilets... you know you want to.

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