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  1. I think it's all about the Baht. If you are just arriving from abroad they don't want you going up to the airport arrival level and negotiating a cheap taxi ride from a cabbie that just dropped someone off. I always arrive late at night and taxis are the only transportation available so I use this method to get a 1200 baht ride to Pattaya. On the first floor they want 2000 to 3000 baht for same cab ride. Just walk out on the top floor across the street and yell out 1200 baht Pattaya (make sure there are no BIB about). They will fight to get to you first.
  2. WTF is this pineapple pen phenomenon

    1. kathoeyfan
    2. Up2You


      It's one of those viral videos that many LB's and Thai GG's are recreating on their FB pages. Google PPAP

  3. Good to know +1 my good fellow
  4. Mr Bickle, I saw you, I think, at Sentations bar on opening night. If that was you we both took 2 double takes trying to place each other but I was at a loss until the the next day when I decided it was you. Those 1900's took a toll on my recall of anything. Wish we could of talked if it was you.
  5. Actually, little trouble in big Morlam because little LB take care. Spent a very nice night in Morlam last night with a very good little LB. Out of nowhere, some GG/LB? comes up to me and asks me to go behind toilet and wants to talk. Big time sweet mouth. I Said NO I'm am with some one. Then she gets very mad and says I owe her money from 2 days before. Never seen this BITCH in my life. Then she gets very mad and wants money. I told her to Fuck off. Thais all around me start to look angry at me because Thai mad at frang I called for BIB because I know big problems are about to start. They came over, but did nothing. Then little Hom from King bar jumps in and box everyone for me, BIB,LB,Men. Everyone go away. Moral of story ---- If you want to go to Morlam in Thailand --- take HOM with you. Sorry if this is hard to read ---- still Very Drunk P.s. HOM only 40 KG
  6. Came here to report the email problem but see that the Mods are already aware of the problem.
  7. Happy Birthday Ex Ezy Mint

  8. Duly noted, but I see no reason for you and others to constantly single me out
  9. I have never had this happen to me that I am aware of, to pissed maybe, but I try and always having smaller bills and when I don't I make it a point to say something like... "all I have is this 1000 baht note" while making eye contact and handing it to the waitress. This seems to make it harder for them to try and pull this off as it has been acknowledged and they would prefer to look for easier prey. It also helps that I no longer drink.
  10. Let's not forget the old accomplice in the closet or under the bed trick when showering in a ST room. Always keep your clothes and belongings within reach and eye sight.
  11. Hey, what's become of the 5 ?

    1. Vasilli


      $5 I assume you mean . If so , he has gone quiet but I guess that he has his reasons .

  12. In a nutshell... the fast track service allows you to bypass the normal lines for immigration and passport control and you get in a special "First Class" line, if there is one at all, where they take a cursory look at your passport and wave you thru. The only problem, as noted before, is that it's so fast that you always beat your luggage to the baggage carousel. If you only have carry on luggage as I usually do then this service is golden. 20 minutes from touchdown to in a cab as opposed to 1 to 2 hours without the service.
  13. T4U, You may have already covered this above somewhere but I'm to lazy to go back and look on this phone. No VISA requirement is something different than the fast track service. If you already know this then....nevermind
  14. RIP Tone

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. icebergjr.


      RIP!! He will be missed by me a great actor, for sure.

    3. jimmy23456


      Shocked to see the news this morning, brilliant actor

    4. Mr. Bickle

      Mr. Bickle

      maybe the best tv show ever-and he was the main man


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