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  1. Who let the DOG out !!!! 

  2. Baku 1st Year Anniversary Party on 1st June has been postponed till after 9 June. Thank you

  3. Double Special Killer Pool Wednesday Night 11 April Come Celebrate Lovely Mimi's Birthday at Sensations Bar FREE FOOD! Vodka and Mixer Drinks at 75B and Vodka/ Whisky Lady Drink at 100B ALL NIGHT!

  4. Wednesday Killer Pool at Sensations Bar starts from 10pm, Vodka and Mixer 75baht Vodka/ Whisky Lady drink 100b ALL NIGHT!!

  5. Double Special Killer Pool Tonight at Sensations Bar, also celebrating Joy's birthday. Free food! Vodka and Mixer 75baht Vodka/ Whisky Lady drink 100b ALL NIGHT!!

  6. I can see what you are doing Kendo, very nice 55555

    1. garrydirty


      is it big? 5555

    2. loverboy25


      same same but different 555555

  7. That must be a record

  8. The countdown starts again

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