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  1. Hey buddy 

    Can you give me the information for the agency to assist in getting a Thai license? I am not going to tell you I got a second ticket last night for no helmet.. Stupid!

    I want to get everything legal and put it behind me. Too many LBs to sample to let this be an issue.


    1. soidog


      Sent you  PM on Wednesday. with details.  

  2. As i write 70451 members 14/09/17.... do not know what % are advanced. As BM leunig # 16 pointed out how some got advanced status is beyond comprehension. Do know historically it was done on number of posts when the board was in its infancy years. This is no longer the case. Out of this membership it seems only a few hundred contribute on a regular basis. Feel a complete overhaul and a sift of members would be a good idea, but no idea who could undertake or how to go about this mammoth task. A simple solution to get rid of dead wood is if they have not contributed to the forum something worth while in over a year terminate advanced status. How could they moan, only got themselves to blame. As for the non advanced BMs delete membership if say under12 posts in a year and they can re apply if they wish to do so. Have always thought membership should have 3 levels a bit like bronze, silver, gold. The more you contribute with helpful, useful information, reports, photos, reviews, joining in debates, sensible responding in topics would help your advancement. Possibly personal recommendations from others. But have my doubts about this as it should not be a popularity contest. No system is fail proof. Advancement is at the discretion of the moderation team. They will never please all the people all of the time. An unenviable unpaid job. Those who aspire to advancement may well be disappointed when granted. Still think it is more fun n lively on the open board. It's all a bit of fun at the end of the day, but some do take things to heart and get upset. Never take it to serious. It's only a bloody forum Rgds soidog.
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