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  1. Just purchased my British Airways ( fly the flag ) return ticket yesterday for a flight on Thursday. It gave me a breakdown of passenger duty / handling tax in GBP at both airports Out of Bangkok cost £19. 20p Out of London cost £124 .62p Miscellaneous cost £10 Rather a large disparity. So what ever you pay for ticket on any airline these government prices are included. So say you pay £500 bucket n spade class you have £143 of tax. Actual money for airline £357. Not a lot for a return journey of just over 12000 miles. Rgds soidog.
  2. Reply to queerguy ...post #27. After a 12 hour flight who the hell wants to hang around for 1 hour 40 mins just to save approx 900b to 1000b. No doubt also saving a tip to the driver by getting the bus. A piss poor excuse saying condo not ready have found if you request an earlier check in has never been a problem most will accommodate your request with out incurring an extra cost if that what you were so worried about. especially with such a short time frame of what you have stated. The whole thing stinks of cheap Charlie. Keep counting your satangs. Dont come from stoke is broke by any chance do you ?. Rgds soidog.
  3. More of a smoked kippers on toast man myself on a Friday morning. The kippers must be generously covered by hot butter being drizzled over them.. Can not beat a shark on a raft for breakfast. Petesie you can buy haddock at KPK foods ( 038 416 470 ) they are located behind bic C supermarket on pattaya klang. English owned shop run buy an ex butcher ( nice friendly fat bloke ). Turn left at lights if coming from the beach road end into soi yumae. Then take first left ample car parking out side shop. I also recommend his bangers, and meat pies .. Failing that they also have at siamburys over the darkside ( east pattaya ). Use Google for directions, but easy to find. This place also highly recommend for cheese at a sensible price. . So many foods from back home can be got here now unlike it was years ago.. No need to go with out those comfort cravings if you get the urge.. Hope this is of some help ......rgds soidog PS ......very pleased to say neither shops sell bloody watches.
  4. Think a lot of it down to your constitution, if it is of a delicate nature you will be more susceptible to dodgy guts, if you also do not have a strongish immune system it is likely any bug going around will find you and lay you low. Were you a sickly child ?. Then if you are slobbering around girls n ladymen naughty bits a good chance you will be unlucky and pick up a nasty....... Donkey years ago I caught a U.S.D ( unspecific, sexual, disease). Persistant little bugger the anti biotics mentioned above were useless, a jab in the arse with stronger meds also never worked. Eventually memorial hospital on pattaya klang hooked me up to an I. V. drip and pumped a bag full of strong dollop straight in to my blood stream. All sorted. The change of climate can also affect your system cold to hot n humid some need time to adjust. Numerous cold beers / drinks with or with out ice can cause a stomach chill resulting in the runs. Inadvertently ingestion of swimming pool or Buddha forbid sea turd water. Tip always swim with your mouth closed. Street food, mobile cart vendors love what is on offer just stick to the ones that seem busy and the thai locals use. Can honestly say in over a decade of being here only 2 times have I been sick from eating from them. My remedy to stop the shits are get some charcoal tabs from any chemist these will thicken you up, and stick to eating boiled eggs n dry toast till the consistency of your stool is more solid .Worked for me. The snowflake generation along with the millennial type who have been wrapped up in cotton wool and lived in a more sterile grime free environment for most of their life and take a dose of medication when ever they feel the slightest bit queezy or think I am going to be ill. Have not given the body it's chance to build up it's own natural defence system by pumping drugs in side them. At times it is best to let nature take it's own course. Also some worry to much. Rgds a healthy soidog with a glossy coat and a cold nose.
  5. I have just been a greedy bastard, rode over to the rib shack to sample the ribs on offer. Like to treat my self once a month to a slab of ribs but always take them home to eat. I went for the full rack with all the trimmings that go with it for 345b. Not an overly long wait till the order was ready. Was good to see the food wrapped in tin foil, then placed in a polystyrene container. When I arrived back at fortress fido jomtien had no need to zap the food in the microwave. Was deffinatly still hot enough to eat. A generous portion of skinny french fries, a bag of shredded salad....... onion, carrot, lettuce, cabbage and a couple of small whole tomatoes. Along with 2 char grilled sweet corn sliced cobs. But as i am a big carnivore eater my eyes lit up with delight when i saw the size of the meat. First thing I thought is this will be a challenge. Cooked to perfection in a no doubt secret marinade sauce that Andy keeps as a closely guarded secret.. Meat fell off the bone, the only way to eat ribs is with your hands. Wonderful real cave man stuff sticky finger licking good. Thoroughly enjoyed roll on December when I will get again. Rgds a very stuffed soidog. PS.......also you get 3 little pots of sauce dips. Did not even bother opening to finding out what was in them. All what I had was tasty enough.
  6. Oh so true oldlover. Early shifts, late shifts, night shifts, overtime, irregular sleeping pattern, lack of sleep, meals at odd hours of the day, harsh working environment all put a strain on our body also relationships with wife / girlfriend . Much of the damage is never noticed till to late. This can lead to a stressful life....... stress to is a silent killer. Like you I worked with people who died far to young ( shift workers ) seems no rhyme or reason as to why the grim reaper came calling. For some they have a lifestyle choice of what road to go down but some choose to self destruct be that thru bad choices drugs, and self inflicted obesity. Doctor's churn out the same old song.....stop smoking, cut down drinking, lose weight. Easy to say but harder to do in reality as we all know. I do believe in the gene pool........if your parents make old bones a good chance you could to, family history of hereditary illness also factors in. But where 50 years ago a a heart attack for example could be fatal, now thanks to the advancement of medical sciences and new skills the odds are reduced. Much to governments disgust we are all living far to long. Then many become a drain on the resources, pension payments, health care. May we all continue to get older disgracefully. We have paid into the system now nothing wrong with pay back time. Rgds soidog.
  7. That will cause some people a great deal of inconvenience , many are not fortunate enough to have the 800000b showing as a lump sum even for the relatively short time that it is required as proof. The only winner out of this will be places that already provide a service for ex pats to obtain a retirement visa thru illegal means visa agencys. Many have a corrupt immigration official on the pay roll who will provide the correct stamps, and enter details that you have met the criteria into the immigration computer system. So you and your passport looks legal. A cost for this can range from 12000b upwards. Know an ex pat who done so last month. I often wonder if the dodgy immigration officer was caught would the investigating team look back ( and how far) at their history of processing farangs with visas and then would that farang get a knock on the door, or pulled aside when trying to leave Thailand at passport control. As technically they are on over stay. This can resort in fines and being barred from entering the kingdom for a period of time depending on how long the over stay is. Not going into the debate is this wright or wrong way to stay here. All are over 50 years of age and are aware of the consequence if caught. Pay yer money take a chance. If one is in a financial position to show 800000b ( single person) and can leave it untouched for a year in a fixed income account it will earn intrest. Example......bank of bangkok pay 1.5% per anum before tax. So 800000 x 1.5% = 12000b...........then minus the 15% tax you have to pay . You will be 10200b better off. Also have peace of mind you are squeaky clean in your dealings with officialdom. Rgds soidog
  8. I have booked Air Asia domestic flights on line months in advance no reason why you will not be able to do so. What on earth made you think you could not ?. As for buying ticket for Thai national on a domestic flight no problem. All You need to know are given name and date of birth of traveling partner. You are paying money up front on credit card so no problem. Or wait till you are here and call into one of the numerous travel agents to assist you. No form of identification is required at the booking stage. But at check in you will both be asked for photographic identification as to prove who you are. So have your passport(s) with you, or Thai will need I D card.. ###### Farangs who hold a Thai driving licence will be allowed to board aircraft on producing to staff ###### Sure you are aware, but no need to go to Bangkok to fly to chaing mai. Utapho is nearer to pattay if staying in town flights go from here. Think 3 a day. Notice you posted arriving just before new year. If past years are anything to go by you will be spolit for choice lots going on in the bars and the girls all wanting to party with you and part with your money in the nicest possible way. Bit to early for bars to announce. Traffic and crowds will be a nightmare. Xmas week n new year week I avoid the sewer at night like the plague. Just to busy, lots of drunken idiots, noisey. My 2nd worse time of the year to be here. Hope you have a nice time. Rgds soidog
  9. soidog


    Well on such sensible advice from defective inspector fenton i went trawling the mean soi's of jomtien this evening looking for tapas bars and shouting out Pedro are you here. All to no avail. No Pedro, no tapas bars well fancy that. Can not wait for the next oh so sensible suggestion from our sluth from stoke. Wonder if it will be try and locate a bull fighting stadium in jomtien and ask if they have a matador called Pedro. Tomorrow will ride round the back area of rompho market bars looking out for a condo or house with a Spanish flag flying. Even a banner with a Spanish football team on. Or hope i can smell some one cooking paella. Fenton is an excellent source of entertainment for many on here. Rgds soidog.
  10. soidog


    Thank you aussiemale, I to shook my head in disbelief when I read post #29. Absolutely nothing wrong or to be scared of about the streets & soi's of jomtien. It's just the know it all BM = boring member from stoke talking out of his arse again. For some reason he seems to have a grudge against jomtien and some of it's residents. Doubt fenton has even spent a night in jomtien let alone walked the back soi's or beach road . Please come over the hill and visit if you are in pattaya or are planning to visit soon ( not you fenton). It will be quite but that has a charm all of its own. LBs to be found not only at katty bar, road house, ray bar, red carpet bar, tequila bar. You just have to walk the mean streets if you are brave enough, not spineless, or a staffordshire snowflake. Girls a plenty and many a gem to be had. Trust me some will even be grateful for your company and attention, buy a few Lady drinks, run up a check bin to be paid at the end of your night. No need to be a obnoxious awkward knob and pay as you go because of worry about an extra 60b or 120b slipped in . If the mood takes you and the chemistry seems good take the lass, it may have been a while since she has had a shag. Last one I bar fined had an insatiable appetite for sex, the short time ended up a long time back at fortress fido. Was pleased to see her go in the morning needed a rest. All welcome to jomtien apart from one. Rgds soidog.
  11. Know from word of mouth this place has a good reputation......ex pat car rentals...... Located on thappraya road right hand side where the traffic lights are If you were turning left into thepprasit road jomtien. Telephone number(s) 038 252 275 - 038 364 461. Just found his buisiness card. All cars have first class insurance ( most important) minimum 3 day rental. Got small saloons such as Honda city or Toyota vios about 1000b per day. Going up to a Toyota Fortuna which could near to 2000b per day. Think unlimited mileage but check. Sure he ( Chad) or his staff will oblige with a short notice booking or walk in. As a chap I know has done this needed a car at short notice under 24 hours. Don't think you will have a problem. Especially October. If I may just add. If going up the jungle to the wilds and badlands of Issan my preference would be with the big players such as avis / hertz . Customer service or breakdown back up 24 hours. Peace of mind. Hope this was of some help. Happy motoring. Rgds soidog.
  12. soidog


    Well said Liverpool. I can confirm what you have wrote. It is bloody tedious that some one 6000 + miles away keept banging on about the cctv and cashier. Was like a stuck record. But it has a high degree of spewing out complete and utter drivel. Along with a history of thread f##king. The know it all annoying forum hemorrhoid from stoke as often knows sweet f##k all. Seems to post just to make him self sound clever n important and try to show how intellectual he is on so many topics / subjects . Pathetic. At least jomtien is a FFZ ( fenton free zone) long may it continue. Will be as welcome here as much as a turd is in a swimming pool. As for paying for your beers as you go like fenton says he does . Just shows what an awkward individual he is. Mr popular in the bars I think not. Rgds soidog.
  13. Can not see why so many of you are geting your knickers in a twist over the withdrawal of fast track service. What's the diffrence shuffling along with the masses at immigration or standing at the carausol ?. When waiting for your stamp in passport as it can be quite amusing seeing people being flummoxed by the immigration officer for not filling in the landing card correctly. Less stress than standing at the baggage carousel hoping your suitcase has travelled with you. As others have stated. Unless you are traveling with only carry on board hand luggage you are not going to exit the airport departure hall any faster. Got to wait for your suitcase. The correct order all suitcases should come off arriving long haul aircraft are. 1- flight deck n cabin crew first. 2- first class / buisiness class / premium passengers 3- the rest of you. Aircraft containers at departure point are loaded in such a way this is possible. Hold 5 ( loose bags) can be an exception as non containersied . No idea what the SLR ( service level agreements) with airlines and swampy ground handling are. At LHR over 10 years ago from time aircraft pulls on stand a 30 - 40 min standard was acceptable for the first customer bag to hit carousel. This often depended on time of day, at peak times of arrivals congestion was inevitable on the baggage airside systems. Other factors such as mechanical break down, staff shortage, minor industrial disputes can again cause delay. Some of this you will never know about. As for buggy assistance if you are fit n healthy what's wrong with the walk ?. After a long flight nice to stretch ones legs. Leave that for those less fortunate who would dearly love to be able to do the walk. Personally I think it is a very good idea for the airlines and the airport authorities of Thailand to streamline this service. Rgds soidog.
  14. Regarding the evidence of stay don't sweat it to much. Wish I was clever to take photo and show you on here my letter n actual form but as i am computer illiterate hope this will give you some help / idea. The official form to fill in is called ....notification form for house master, owner or possessor of the residence where alien has stayed...... this by law has to filled in by house owner or his authorised agent to do so on his behalf. Bottom third of form will be signed by officer and official stamp from immigration then torn off and attached to your passport . If the people who you are renting thru or off of are professional this will not be a problem. They will do for you, please be aware immigration do not charge for this service. My letter is the same format that has been used successfully for years..... Please date. Name....Mr Soidog Mongrel 1 . The kennel Fortress fido villas Soi 69. Beach road Jomtien Nongprue Banglamung Chonburi 111111. Then the following. Dear sir / madam I can confirm that soidog mongrel is living at the above address and continues to live there. #####then passport picture photostat on same page Kind regards Miss Sudawadee Tingtong. ( then his / her signature ) In my experience over the years in dealing with officialdom and authorities ( not just Thailand) is best to give just enough info. Do not be to over enthusiastic. Never has this been checked by follow up from immigration. Me or the owner never contacted, it just seems a paper exercise. Which to my devil like mind feel I could easily forge and make up a total fictitious residential address along with supporting paperwork. Honest, not that I would dream of doing so but after a while you begin to know how the system works and could be easily done. Lastly flamesfan7 if you have a problem understanding the numerous forms or the filling in of. I would be prepared to offer my help if needed. Of course no charge to a fellow BM. If you use an agent or the shop next to soi 5 immigration you will have to pay for the form filling service . Good luck. Rgds soidog
  15. The sum for a retirement visa has remained the same for at least 10 years that i know of. As we know back then the exchange rate for many countrys was stronger. Think the £££ was mid 60s to the baht. So you only needed to prove an income of approx £12.350 to reach ( based on 65b) the 800000b requirement. Year 2007 Now you need an income of approx £18.300 to reach ( based on 44b) the 800000b requirement. Year 2018. A jump of £6000 in a decade. Why the authorities have not increased this is beyond me. Feel a 5% increase would not be unreasonable if they did so in the coming year(s). So the new lump sum figure would be 840000b. Monthly proof of income to be adjusted as well to match the lump sum. Of course this not would be popular, and it may just be a hurdle to far for some ex pats and push them over the top financially, if they could not prove they have funds avaliable and meet the criteria required. So many would be forced to use an agent to obtain the required stamp in passport. Many already chose to take this route for various reasons. Each to his own choice, or possibly circumstances already dictate. The question to me is.......if you are sailing that close to the wind monetary wise and would bitch about a 5% increase. Are you really sure you should be living Thailand ?. After all this place has no safety net for poor farangs. Rgds soidog.
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