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    Nonsense .available through hospitals .and hospitals only
  2. no , no problem. The most serious issue would be being caught by (immigration) police during a routine control for example whilst overstaying. That normally means jail and organizing your "bai' out from there... That is why overstaying is always a bad idea.
  3. this is not the issue.. he said he paid already for the hotel..... the issue is the deposit...
  4. it is common practice with many cheap hotels in LOS to ask for a deposit .. very often in cash. I believe more upscale hotels may do a swipe but even then I think in LOS you can render cash as deposit in most cases. If you stay in hotels like Banyan Tree and similar ...I think you will not get away with a swipe. My experience is that as long u are in a cheap hotel it should be ok. And if they insist I would play dumb and tell them you do not have your card with u... offer cash...Also in most hotels that I stayed the deposit is not depending on the length of stay (in some it is), so the amount might be very low anyway. Of course if you booked a month in the Madarin Oriiental .. you may have an issue
  5. rest assured I will try it... I used to live in bkk for many years and never had an issue... but ever since I go their for holiday... I have some problem and indeed it interferes with sex live... by the way is it available in Thailand also?
  6. only may give you protection (may) against e-colli.. not anything else . Of course e colli is common cause but not necessarily
  7. would not help a thing if the origin of diarrhea is viral of course.... even if bacterial in most cases you do not even have to take cipro… But any doctor in Thailand will give it regardless what. Because the thought is.. if it does not help it does not hurt. Fundamentally wrong. During my five year stay in BKK I was given AB numerous times... mostly no need. I stopped basically taking it unless proven bacterial infection that persists. The thing to do is a blood test to look for infection. If no infection... no anti biotics. If infection, do stool test. If bacteria found take anti biotics if severe or persistent. Otherwise just wait...probiotics, pre biotics, water . So whilst Cipro may have helped you... not taking it would in most cases clear the problem as well...
  8. bar girls , I believe, need quarterly medical test for HIV...that is one, of the many, reasons why some need to freelance
  9. me experience with Thai banks is that they have zero flexibility... but normally he would have a bank book . is that not enough. What I would do (even though I am with a different bank) is call customer service center (with SCB their English per very good and they have been helpful in a dispute I had with a branch ). Maybe they can help. Also if this is for a retirement visa and must evidence he has 800k. doesn't his previous proof of funds suffice? That should be in principle untouched.... not sure it helped
  10. I talked to her a year ago on TF and she claimed to have a 9 inch cock... then I knew she was a liar... very rude …
  11. not sure if it is thailandvisa.net but I sometimes get a facebook post from a Thai company that promises retirement visa without having to fulfil any of the conditions that are legally required....when talking to them it sounded like a scam... be careful with these companies .. it will either a fake visa or an illegally obtained one
  12. aries104


    of course and it is illegal... I know a few where u can buy it and it is ILLEGAL ! Only hospital can describe it... By now you should understand that reality and law are not the same in Thailand. I know a pharmacy in soi 11 Sukhumvit who had generic alprozalam.. I did not buy as we cannot be sure if real or not... Once I found out that it was genuine .. I went back.. they denied they ever sold it or had it... You are on this forum but you do not understand the difference between reality and legality in Thailand... You think buying something is the same as legally buying... here is your spat. It is easy to buy meth as well.. does that mean it is legal...?
  13. and another thing... the "most expensive hospitals' such as Bumrungrad and Bangkok Hospital will not allow this.... when you pay for the doctors visit, the medication must be paid together with the doctors fee. If you opt not to take the medication.. there is no prescription. Period. Bumrungrad and others that I know will not allow this.
  14. aries104


    complete non sense... Xanax, while developed for anxiety, is often prescribed for certain patterns of insomnia. And I would know. That it is not particularly dangerous is also a wrong statement since it is quite addictive and withdrawal symptoms are serious, so is consuming alcohol with it.
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