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  1. Well I used sky scanner and got a flight with thai for 475 So went to pay the deal was with travel trolley My bank declined the online transaction and blocked my card on Sunday Anyway I did not know what the funk was going on till Tuesday when I managed to get to bank During this time the pound dropped again and I got the news about situation in thailand So did not book flight 30 mind ago I cancelled my room at the hideaway Just changed my profile on thai friendly I will be waiting to see what happens in the next month
  2. Found thia at £546 Looking for direct as only there a week Flight dates are 27th to 4th November Any help appreciated
  3. I am sure I can use the money better on soi 6
  4. well the offer is listed so many times on ebay when i looked this week . the terms and conditions are listed they seem a bit weird looks like a con i would stay away from this deal
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