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  1. I do Glasgow to Bangkok via Dubai all the time! enough time to shop have a smoke and get on the plane!
  2. https://www.apricorn.com/aegis-secure-key-3z?gclid=CjwKCAjwspHaBRBFEiwA0eM3kSyoQQswpdzLdW4YGV6FOjeFjfNyi8N9QhE5Vhy_slp3h0Wp8Hb0RBoC6akQAvD_BwE You just don’t provide it or set it to auto erase with a special password!
  3. The lockdown is not a myth it’s fact! High end android box’s can do all that and more! And you have to reinstall it every 7 days! I’ve had iPhones since the 3 but the tv box just misses out by the way things are locked or controlled!
  4. It now passes as a media player however the lockdown by apple limits what you can do! A gig end android box like a minix or the nvidia shield can do the same and more! I’m not an apple basher but the lockdown of it makes it average in my opinion!
  5. I think you are close to the mark m8 I mean how the fuck did I get it! I think advanced should be voted on by the members of the advanced section! I mean if that was the case I'd never get it lol. Acceptance and admittance via vote. Expulsion and banning via vote! OMG I've created a democracy!
  6. It's disappointing is what it is! The 8 is a 7+ The X is lacking in an anniversary flagship model! That said I'm in the apple upgrade program
  7. I pride myself in still being able to be the last man standing!
  8. They do! And a bath! I'd buy your own only a few bhat! You don't want the last persons ass on it. Be warned check the pressure first
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