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  1. The time window for editing posts has been considerably reduced for all BMs, regardless of status....quite irritating at times, but I understand the reasoning.
  2. ....and how many BMs have you got on ignore, because you disagree with an alternative view? But, of course, you won't be able to read this post! Double standards, or what?
  3. Tell them the circus is coming to town!!!

  4. She's my wife now!!!

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    2. Solice


      I think only guys from the UK will understand it. Its from a tv program called the league of gentlemen

    3. soju2012


      Well that's a relief 5555

    4. Zoonie the Lazoon

      Zoonie the Lazoon

      Correct Scott! Tonight I am Papa Lazarou: " Hello, Dave! Tell them the circus is coming to town!"


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