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  1. I would doubt that very much. Do you know nothing about human anatomy? Better look for another excuse....maybe something that went down your gub from a a malevolent source.
  2. Super Kamagra has an additional ingredient which is supposed to help delay premature ejaculation...otherwise same effects as normal Kamagra. Not sure about it's availability in Thailand.
  3. First rain of the season didn't do the new beach any favours! Damaged quite badly.
  4. Yep...nothing worse than a bad dose of the crabs! 555
  5. Yes...always worth double checking the prices with the airlines direct. I think Skyscanner is very good (what else would you expect from a Scottish-based company!). However, when booking Emirates flights (from the UK), I usually find the agents' prices are more competitive than Emirates direct.
  6. Well, they are very big in the Balkans
  7. Bob's my dad actually.....or do you know our dark family secret 555
  8. Relatively interesting...in that the menu featured a Scottish breakfast including a potato scone and black pudding! "Never 'eard about that" bleated Crud...once again emphasising that he desperately needs to get out more. Also, watching Crud slever over his brekkie through his ill-fitting falsers, put me right off any notion of a fry-up that I might otherwise have entertained. For me, the whole thing was spoiled by Crud returning to his recent mantra that Pattaya (and it is pronounced 'Pattiiya' FFS!) really needs cheap charlie's! Yea, sure.. like I need a hole in the head! To paraphrase the immortal words of the Great Bard : "Vlogknob, thou dost protest too much, methinks!"
  9. Agreed that breakfast isn't breakfast without black pudding .... I thought I saw black pudding on the Smokin' Joe's English brekkie!
  10. Chicarito...I would support your observation about culture. One LB acquaintance of mine had no more than a slightly dry throat and a stuffed nose. She went off to a pharmacy and emerged with SEVEN different types of pills and potions, including at least two antibiotics....all suggested by the "pharmacist"! All that was needed was to take it easy for a couple of days and drink plenty of fluids. Absolutely crazy....no wonder these quack drug outlets are ten-a-penny in Thailand. You couldn't make it up!
  11. Colds, flu and sinusitis are viral not bacterial , so antibiotics would have been no use whatsoever to you. The body's own immune system sorted it! Mis-use of antibiotics is one of the biggest dangers facing the world today.
  12. Long long time. They will not finish construction of their current order book until 2021!
  13. And this is your first post? Try looking around the forum, and you will find the answers you seek, Grasshopper.
  14. Stop Over! 6-7 hours on an aeroplane is enough without a couple of hours break. I cannot sleep on a plane , so the idea of 12-13 hours non-stop would bore me shitless.
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