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  1. We would have liked to have kept the old place but sadly it wasn't our decision to make. Change of landowner.
  2. Most police want 20k now, it seems to be the standard. However they only take so many payments at the roadside, after a certain limit they will arrest you and put you in soi 9 awaiting your court appearance. Best way is to not drink and ride of course, however if you do fuck up there is a way to beat a breathalyser. Doesn't work if you are extremely drunk though. I was told by a UK police friend how to do it many many years ago. Got pulled here after about 8 beers, did what I had to do and got a reading of 38, 50 being the arrest point. A week or so later got pulled after having 2 beers, didn't use the method because felt fine and got a reading of 42, it works and many friends have used it and passed.very simple to do, however please don't pm me asking, I haven't the time, but will gladly tell you if talking face to face.
  3. Solice

    Possible Hiv ?

    I very much doubt you will have caught hiv from barebacking a gg, obviously it's not impossible but unlikely. You've more likely caught a virus on the plane, which is very common. Take it easy and don't fret, good luck.
  4. 555 menu is the same as already, posted that's why I haven't put it up
  5. Solice


    Yes this is correct, a lady bar owner friend is just recovering from it. She was in hospital for over a week. Usually a virus that affects children, usually caught by eating faeces so be careful licking butholes boys.
  6. Hi Justin, glad you enjoyed the food and thank you for posting about it.
  7. Well said, all I would add is that if you do take high doses and then stop it can take up to 9 months to get back to your original natural test levels if you don't take pct.
  8. Not sure if it is her husband but definitely has a bf. She's attractive but nothing special, I would give her one though.
  9. Hi I will put up the menu in the next couple of days.
  10. I have no problems with anyone paying what they want, it doesn't change the rates for anyone, that's an urban myth made up by guys who like to pay lower prices. a girl will make a decision on her circumstances, not what the last punter paid. Personally I don't pay anything, once you have been living here a while you don't need to because you make 'friends'. Anyway I can see this thread descending into what to pay and what not to pay which has been done to death on this forum. Good that you gave the heads up on this girl.
  11. It wasnt a good night for sure Jimmy. All was going well, bit of kissing and cuddling etc but then she got my dick out and said oh my Buddha, no cannot. I said what's wrong baby, she said your cock too small, cannot fuck with you. We tried and tried but it just wasn't happening, in the end it was just mutual blowjobs with condoms on, extra small one for me, thinking back it was such a shit session I should have maybe stood my ground on the money issue or maybe given her 6k.
  12. I was with a girl last week and at the end of a very mediocre session I gave her my usual 5k. She looked angry and said what's this, I normally get 1-2k. I said I'm sorry but that's my standard fee to all the girls. She got really angry, said NO CANNOT, and said she would call the police and started to throw things around my room. I tried to calm her down and eventually we came to an agreement of 4k, I thought that was better than getting the police involved. She left but was still angry and said if she saw me on soi buakhaow again I would get a problem. Lesson learned and I'll try and reduce payments in the future.
  13. I wish some of you guys wouldn't be such cheap Charlie's by paying a measly 3k, you're spoiling it for the rest of us who like to pay 5k
  14. I'll get a special bottle in just for you Jimmy, it will suck the back of your eyes out Actually the chef knows how to cook the pasta properly, apparently if you take it off the boil immediately it's soft then it does not have the same amount of carbs etc, however if you leave it for a minute or two more to cook then you get the full carbs. so if it's cooked properly it shouldn't affect your diet too much.
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