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  1. Just noticed Savanna's in Family mart (South African Cider), is this new or has it always been there? Pretty great taste!

    1. fenton


      been around for a while, a very good dry cider at a reasonable price :)

    2. petesie


      Haven't had Savanna for years...thanks for the tip!

  2. Visuals of Doctor Strange blew me away, recommend even if just for the VFX~

  3. Anyone see my left sock from last night?

    1. soju2012


      Now that's funny. Good on you. 555

    2. gympy


      Is that the sequel to My left foot ?

  4. Long shot - anyone know a place in Patts that sells Biltong?

  5. Looking for a new room, 8k -> 16k, preferably close to central / Bukhao, PM if you know something please :)

    1. garrydirty


      when u going? and I take it u mean per month?

    2. Migmig


      Hey mate, i'm on the ground here but realized I only use 25% of my 100sqm room 555 so just going to downgrade.


      Looking to move in by end of August. And yes per month, probably 12-16k, I was paying 20k for a 100sqm ocean view balcony in pratumnak.

    3. garrydirty


      there are many places around soi Lengkee, also u got the D-Apartments chain just off soi Buckhao u wont get anything as good as what u got at Pratumnak however its abit out if your looking for hardcore action that u get around soi Buckhao I don't know how long u r staying? if LT then check a few guys out at Canterbury Tales they can help good luck

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