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  1. The buggers have been promising to upgrade the pumps and pipes for years, get allocated the funding then spend it on something else...like 400mtb to bring sand to the beach.
  2. I was up early so googled it and it's available in Thailand now starting at under 42k up to 59k.
  3. What do Bulgarian Ladyboys look like? Something tells me I should've never asked this...
  4. Many thanks me old Jomtien Woofter...I shall be dialing in those co-ordinates to Doris's Magic drinking Scooter on me next jaunt. Oi...'watch' yerself.
  5. My fave Friday morning treat is smoked haddock with 2 poached eggs...just had it and want to do it again! Anyone know where I can get smoked haddock in Patts, cooked or fresh?
  6. My guess would be that the Taxi Mafiosa are also negligent on their insurance, while it may be a requirement of the taxi license a folded 100 baht note usually suffices.
  7. I note that Imran's statement on TV implied that neither he or Modi were in control of the overall decision making.
  8. Dearie me, looks a bloody mess in the air.
  9. It's not just the lack of regulation & oversight, it's the sheer corruption of the taxi mafia and the lack of authoritative control over the audacious price demands from the greedy bastards. They've got away with it for too long and can never go back without legal support in penalising them. The authorities are not stupid, they know what's going on but are powerless to interfere for fear of retaliation.
  10. The 380’s are configured differently dependent on their age and model, I’ve chose my seats only to find myself on different seats both legs.
  11. I wonder when people will get sick of the 'Apple Tax'...if you go for the 12.9, add the keyboard cover and pen 2, you're looking at $1500 which is in serious laptop territory.
  12. I bought mine from a supermarket as the electronic stores were sold out. The new i-pad pro is out which looks fantastic, can't justify it as I only bought mine earlier this year, 12.9, 512gb. They've done away with the home button, headphone socket and put in the C connector. As i-phone do pointed out if you're looking at the camera you count the megapixels; the current and new i-pads have 264 DPI (dots per inch) on the screen which is the same as 2012 models.
  13. Last time I was at Kuwait airport during GW1 they had big holes in the walls where they'd been bombed and wrecked aircraft which had been dragged off.
  14. Hi pete hope you don’t mind me pm you I remember you talking about buying watches a while ago and I can’t find the feed . I’m staying on second road at the moment so any info would be appreciated. Cheers George 

    1. petesie


      It's at the end of Buakhow next to Klang; she won't have many in but can order if you have the time.

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