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  1. Thank you


  2. Peter, Had problem with Paypal, so sent T/Baht 2,000 with Transferwise to account of New at Kasikornbank. Should be in her account on 07th December. From Bruce Kaye -Murray (Me )

    Use as you will . Regards dannymurray

  3. Peter Tam here how you doing

  4. Whats the best way to send you money to help support the girls during this trying time?

  5. Post a few times mate and you will be fine.
  6. Hi petesie , im sorry to use this way but I have a problem again with Thai Friendly and I am very bad with tech stuff b/c of my disability . I was in Switzerland , now back in  Pattaya and for the 4 time I have no access to TF. Why again ? Please help me , what can I do to get it back and that it does not happen again. Do others have that problem as well ? Tank U .  

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    2. fenton


      If you haven't paid a subscription fee, open up another account? maybe that is the quickest solution to your problem.

    3. BenZim


      Thank U both . I will try a new one  , again . Smh  

    4. marty14


      Just made three new ones....lol. Use new email and if you can use VPN (with three different countries). Worked for me. My old account (used that as a non premium for nearly 3 years suddenly got only premium-messages on all girls and on about 60% of the ladyboys so it was time to dump that one. Now have a stock of three ...lol

  7. Hi pete hope you don’t mind me pm you I remember you talking about buying watches a while ago and I can’t find the feed . I’m staying on second road at the moment so any info would be appreciated. Cheers George 

    1. petesie


      It's at the end of Buakhow next to Klang; she won't have many in but can order if you have the time.

  8. Appreciate it LJ

  9. It'll take them years to figure out what ST/LT actually means...
  10. Put yer text for the post in then; Select more reply options Select choose file Select pic and choose Select attach this file Position cursor where you want pic to appear Select add to post Press submit post Nuff said
  11. There's a standard 5 "likes" a day quota. Don't ask me why, I'm a newbie.
  12. Top right hand of the screen will have your sign in name there, click on the drop down arrow and all will be revealed.
  13. In this digital age I usually revert back to the discretionary viewpoint. If i don't like it I'll fucking ignore it. No need for a button.
  14. Quit yer bitchin’!

    1. outsider


      Well quit deleting posts and threats that are designed to either insult someone o to drag shit around in the mud. and while you are at it, can you turn the thermostat down a bit. i dont mind it being warm in Patts but dont like the heat at home. And, can you look at this mole? I think its a tumour

    2. icebergjr.


      Promote JohnJay to Advanced he deserves it for sure! You even commented on his TR, positively! Shit or get off the pot,bro! 55555

    3. Vasilli


      Dont you think that you mods give us reason to bitch , think about it , and before you start getting of your high horse , you made the statement .

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