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  1. The bottles contain 30 pills. I can't imagine they split it and I would not want to take pills from a bottle that the seal had been broken on.
  2. Yes they take it for life, side effects for Truvada are Kidney issues and bone density loss, not sure of the DTG side effects as I do not take it. The side effects can be monitored and managed, excersise for the bone density and drinking litres of water for the Creatinine clearance. If things get to bad they change regimes. Kidney and Liver tests are done 6 monthly. The side effets are not that bad compared to the consequences of not taking them, certain death in a horrible way. If you are taking Truvada for prevention, just have the regular tests and take a break to let the Kidneys recover if needed, no permenant damage is caused to them as long as you keep an eye on them and stop the pills if needed.
  3. I think it is a case of the less drugs required the better, they all have side effects, but yes the DTG would have mde the Prep, or PEP much better. It was approved a couple of years ago and is one of the main go to drugs for tratment in Western countries. Highly effective and has a high resistance profile. It was actually tested as a stand alone pill for treatment and was looking good for a while but on its own it did eventually fail.
  4. Somjot, for PrEP 2 drugs are enough, Truvada or its generic equivqlent will do. They throw in the extra drug for PEP to give an extra layer of protection to prevent the virus taking hold as it is already in your body. How mucg was the Dolutegavir if you don't mind me asking?
  5. Had a sever case of Jock itch a few years back, huge red patch and sore as fuck. Took months to get rid of. The creams would clear it up after a couple of weeks so I would stop using them. It would then come back with a vengeance. It was a medic at work who informed me that once you can no longer see and feel it, do not stop the creams. The fungus is still there, I had to apply the cream every day for a month after the rash had gone to kill it off permanently. Thankfully, no re-occurrences. Don't think I caught it from anybody, just hot sweaty conditions were all the fungus needed to get a hold.
  6. Use to get down the end away from the road and have a peaceful afternoon session. Food as well. Use to set me up for the night shift. Very good position. I use to avoid the small bars close to the road. I think it has been mentioned on here but worth bringing up again.
  7. lbshagger

    hiv paranoia

    Glad you are feeling better. As you say the odds are in your favour. Don't let the 50 k price put you off if it happens again. You can get PEP from a Thai hospital for at least 10 times cheaper than that including tests.
  8. lbshagger

    hiv paranoia

    Did you get PEP or not? At the end of the day there is really only one question you have to ask yourself and that is this. Did I have unprotected anal sex with a male prostitute in Pattaya, a city with a higher than average HIV rate? If you can answer yes to this question then you had an exposure. Doesn't matter if it was 1 minute, 10 minutes or a1 hour session. I would wait a few weeks and get tested. Not much else you can do now, 72 hours is the outer time limit to start PEP. I agree with others about the symptoms though, could be anything.
  9. I have found when booking and supplying credit card details via the hotels own website I have never actually been charged at the time, even though the website implied that I had been. The card was just used in case I was a no show so they could recover their loss. The hotel just took a copy of my card on arrival and many times I used a different card with out problem and normally ended up paying cash on check out without my card being charged, just used as security for payment when I checked in. The hotels here are fairly flexible. If you have booked on one of these travel agent websites it is probably a different scenario as I have found they take payment instantly. I don't see it being a problem still as the hotel will probably just need a deposit to cover extras, depending on what sort of hotel you have booked in to.
  10. Gilead, the maker of Truvada and Descovoy are in a spot of bother about their claims of the benefits of Descovoy, there are some law suits out against them. It appears that it is only less toxic when used in boosted regimes for HIV treatment. For non boosted regimes and therefore I also assume when used as PrEP, it did not offer any real benefits. So do not let this put you off using Truvada, the positives far out weigh the negatives.
  11. Black shirt guy has been doing it long enough to know the risks involved and the precautions to take I would have thought. Not sure about the odds of catching something from his shirt though.
  12. Been using Turkish Airlines every month for a year for getting to work and back. It is OK, staff need a few lessons in how to communicate with customers a bit more politely but it is a reliable service. The new airport opens at the end of this month. Have to see what that is like.
  13. With an undetectable viral load your body still produces antibodies. You still test positive, it is very rare to serorevert, but it can happen. PrEP is about 800 baht for Teno-EM from the Thai Red Cross. Undetectable = Uninfectious is not something touted by pharmaceutical companies. It is a medical fact proved after several years of testing with real couples and endorsed by most health authorities. Times have changed, if an HIV+ woman can give birth to a m HIV - child it is safe to say the pills work.
  14. When I travelled business on Thai they did not have a voucher but did have a separate area, just showed the boarding pass stub. Was actually less crowded than the fast track. Don't know about the others. It was in the normal immigration area on the right hand side. I would pay 700 baht to avoid the queues, since the oil price slump I fly economy most of the time. I miss fast immigration service I use to get when flying business. Edit. ausmagoo beat me to it.
  15. Their website says if you have an economy class ticket you still cannot use the fast track. What is the advantage if you still have to queue up on arrival? If you have a business or first class ticket you already get the fast track so no advantage there either.
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