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  1. According to that message, yes. There is a tier system. Members and member+ cannot use as many reactions as advanced members. Not sure what the limit is but it was raised a while back. Use to be just three a day when I joined. Tight bastards.
  2. Forum is full of sensitive snowflakes. Just read the posts and move on, or engage the poster and give them some shit. Fan the flames a bit, nothing much else to do until things return to normal. Last I checked, this is just the internet and the Matrix was a sci-fi movie. It's not real.
  3. Recently somebody on here had a similar warning. A tech savvy board member pointed to the forum protocol and something to do with the difference between http and HTTPS and certificates. I have no clue about it and can't find the post now. I would look into your browser settings, possibly an option to allow the forum to be accessed without scanning. I get warnings on some sites but do have the option to continue. Different browser, different security level.
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