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  1. After a browser update I was asked to go through manual sign-in for the first time in ages. My anti-virus then blocked the login page saying it had malware. This happened on clicking Sign In within the pop-up dialog after entering user/password. I could see the site was active so others were using it fine. I could also see the forum topic listing as a non-member. It was only the login dialog which my anti-virus complained about. No issue was reported on the sister site pattaya addicts. I was made to sign in again there too. Can someone look into whether there genuinely is malware on the site? In the meantime I still can't log into my usual account (scorchio). Be careful about signing out. You will not be able to sign in f you use the samme anti-virus as me. It is the free version of Avast. It looked like I could create a post in this sub-forum as a non-member to report the issue. It then forced me to register an account. Now that is approved I was logged in automatically without having to go through the Sign In dialog. So I am in now but with limited access for a new member.
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