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  1. point one? privacy? no personal information is disclosed... the "ignore" setting belongs to the other members, 555 !!
  2. After repeatedly seeing posts by people irritated by some of the forum's resident flamers and trollers, I had an idea regarding the ignore function. Wouldn't it be great if: - the small forum infobox displayed on the left of every post would display something like "ignored by X members", where X is the number of members that have put him on ignore - the ignored member also loses access to any posts made by the member putting him on ignore - ignore carries over in quoted messages, i.e. no message is shown if someone else quotes the ignored member, and reciprocally own posts are not shown to the ignored member maybe IPB has a module for this?
  3. After a hiatus of 2 years, I'm back in the world of ladyboys! Beware.... 5555

  4. When I am trying to use the text-only mode of the wysiwyg editor, I can't post, the reason returned is that my post is empty.
  5. maybe the issue has not been completely resolved and they are still working on details and will post a complete heads up later. techies are usually not too good at PR and people skills. the same strongly applies to me.
  6. I think your message is a bit harsh. The site is provided free of charge, plus the problem has been fixed. So thank you to whoever fixed the issue.
  7. There are several possibilities why the problems appeared just now: - if you have any security software set to auto-update, there might have been a change without you noticing (my laptop powers up by itself in the night to update) - a change at server or website level can explain the sudden appearance of problems - if a fix has been applied to solve the search problem, the fix might also have broken other things. See my above post to know why this can be a bitch to diagnose. BTW, I forgot browser incompatibilities in the list. Regarding speed: - you won't have the same speed to all servers. some I can only access with 20kb/s inspite of having a 20Mbits connection. Depends on the routing and the servers in between. Regarding your current problems, my money is on coding incoherences in the (custom) template and possibly modules of IPB. But I repeat these are tricky, and browsers are known to play up like divas with javascript issues, so I'm in no way blaming anyone, these things can happen. Similar shit happened to me and I have spent 90 hours straight working on it before solving the problem. :-(
  8. Could be due to a number of causes - without knowing the exact range of software you are using, it will be very difficult to answer. One possibility is that you use a firewall/antivirus/behavioral shield that uses "website reputation" or "keyword-based filtering" which prevents loading some of the javascript when the websites test positive on porn keywords. Another possibility is different routings for LBP and for Thaivisa, one being slow and the other faster. You say the same script is used by Thaivisa and LBP - which is probably not accurate. The forums have different modules installed, maybe use different subversions, and use different templates, and possibly include different javascript libraries or different versions thereof. Also, the page might load different components depending on client browser, version, OS, language, location, IP, ISP, referrer, template, etc. If two javascripts use the same variable name or function, it can have unpredictable effects and is very tricky to diagnose. Also, poorly coded templates can cause that type of error, especially on slower connections, because some javascript will expect HTML objects to exist beforehand, but in some cases the javascript loads before the HTML object and can't execute properly. Other differences might be in the HTML Doctype, which changes how the browser interprets the page code and how the DOM gets accessed. Some browsers are more anal about small mistakes than others (but this probably doesn't apply in your case). Another problem might be caused by your ISP if your IP is dynamically renewed for each request. If the forum has a security feature enabled to match the session cookie with the client IP, the page load might be disrupted, some parts loading, others not. ... there might be other reasons I didn't even think of, but bottom line is that your problem is tricky to nail.
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