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  1. today I posted again my appreciation for Antartico's superhuman contributions, I was surprised to be met with "your post needs to be approved by a moderator". anyone else in the same boat ?
  2. point one? privacy? no personal information is disclosed... the "ignore" setting belongs to the other members, 555 !!
  3. After repeatedly seeing posts by people irritated by some of the forum's resident flamers and trollers, I had an idea regarding the ignore function. Wouldn't it be great if: - the small forum infobox displayed on the left of every post would display something like "ignored by X members", where X is the number of members that have put him on ignore - the ignored member also loses access to any posts made by the member putting him on ignore - ignore carries over in quoted messages, i.e. no message is shown if someone else quotes the ignored member, and reciprocally own posts are not shown to the ignored member maybe IPB has a module for this?
  4. After a hiatus of 2 years, I'm back in the world of ladyboys! Beware.... 5555

  5. When I am trying to use the text-only mode of the wysiwyg editor, I can't post, the reason returned is that my post is empty.
  6. maybe the issue has not been completely resolved and they are still working on details and will post a complete heads up later. techies are usually not too good at PR and people skills. the same strongly applies to me.
  7. I think your message is a bit harsh. The site is provided free of charge, plus the problem has been fixed. So thank you to whoever fixed the issue.
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