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  2. Hello mate,

            I dont think Ae read your trip report.I looked and could not find it .  And she ,and most of the rest, would not be gossiping like that anyway.

      I too  am a big fan of Jany  going back to 2015 !    In fact I like to help ladyboys, so  even tho I am simply too old, I have her booked right now  for a 4pm session today.   I put my pics on another site, where the big boys play,  'cos I get sick of the stupidity and mindless commentateing on here.555

      Ok  Enjoying your trip report so far.  Dont forget to tell them what u had for breakfast, and where the best place for a shit is.   (  oops  sorry .Was that satire?)        Cheerz    Pod

  3. Thankx very much to whomsoever loves Podrick to post his new epitaph XXXXX

  4. We are all LGBTQ on here.   So  I am Cool to be Queer .  5 5  

  5. Welcome to the Dark Side   xxxxx :ph34r: :witchhunt:

  6. I started with nothing.And still have most of it left.  :iPod:

    1. snoop-dawg


      Seasick Steve?

  7. I started with nothing.And still have most of it left.  :iPod:

  8. " If I had known

    What this night I would see

    I'd have looked him in the eye

    And turned him to a tree"

    Said the Fairy Queen

  9. And teenage delinquents can buy machine guns... What a horrible idea that is to peace loving sybarites the world over :Electric Shock:
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