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  1. thongsa off P .R. Fake profile. Old pics.Well past sell by date , soft cock , FAT , bad attitude , a 2 out of 10, and so block / never again
  2. All well and good, but self injecting two 25 yr old ladyboys has a much more beneficial effect on one's health and wellbeing imo xxxx ( Its called a spitroast to those in the know %%%)
  3. Aha ... When you be back in the Kingdom mi lord? Tis indeed AMAZING what lbs will do with their digital cybersexuality .... Over on the dark side. Not for the st8 conversationalists . u have to be Extreme Hardcore . ( on a good day ) and i may not survive this night. My best ever lb with the 10 inch light sabre comes at 16.00hrs. Multiple orgasm lbs? Now there is a new topic to behold
  4. Hi The Sith . Yep Its still very def a Star Wars Story. Did u see the new /latest one SOLO . All the old jokes/toys, and a new generation of special effects . Brill. AND look to the end. WHO is the overlord ruler of the Galaxy???? WHO IS CRIMSON DAWN ??? O bdly hell Its YOU.. Never forget, Obi Wan Kenobi IS your Nemisis .. 55555555555555555555555555555
  5. Ref recent chat on this site ( AGAIN) about HIV RISKS etc etc etc I thought to flag up PrEP again , cos I am wondering why anybody planning to come here for fun is not on it ahead of time... Sort of " CLUNK CLICK EVERY TRIP..."
  6. Ta Mate. yeah mine came back. Bgr. But DEFINITLY please put the word out on falovely. She has large areas of blackened skin around her nether regions. U only see it later in the pics. And is in total denial . so yep . keep using the cream. good advice. So much for safer sex eh?
  7. Hi grandy, The POINT was a WARNING about a ladyboy here and now who is infectious and chooses to ignore a problem easily fixed in its early stages. Hers now at a very advanced stage , sad to say.... FALOVELY and yes, treatment I have is Myda-B anti fungal and anti inflamatory cream in a tube 60 baht. And u choose to criticise my spellin and bad typin? Missing the point old chap? And do u confuse hyperbolic with hyperbole? Two different words with two different meanings , dontcha know ? ( SO sad to be back and straight into the self important old blargh from people NOT HERE in the front lines )
  8. Oooppss . WARNING TO OTHER BMS HERE NOW.. Freelance ladyboy Falovely IS infected and she ignores it. In fact refuses ANY discussion and attempt to help her get treatment. She advertises in many places and active on PlanetRomeo under that name. Lives with and likes to tag team with Nan , so easy to get distracted.....akapoptop69 is it? Its a fungal infection , quite common amongst athletes in the Third World . Symptoms are red itchy patches on the skin , and it IS INFECTIOUS. Can be transferred by skin contact . And Fa only does it in the DARK. An anti fungal cream or ointment CAN be purchased at pharmacies here . And treatment is to be very very clean. Lots of hot showers and medicated soap. And Clean pants /towels /bedding etc etc etc . Its an irritant ,not life threatening. Can take a month to get rid of the fungus from all its hiding places . Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  9. Ang on... Smuggling many kilos of drugs on a yacht FROM CHINA TO AUSTRALIA. ?????? Well maybe the trade wind route would do it? But that would be the long way round , eh.................
  10. Podrick2

    hiv paranoia

    Mmmmm. Thats why I ALWAYS carry a little bottle of Listerine in my Manbag xxxxx And a Big One back at the castle of course.
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