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  1.  6 million searchable free porn clips on xHaaamster.com               So u get what u seach for   555   :)

    1. Jimmy_Lovepants


      That's way too much porn Podders..... even for us lot !!!

  2. Hi Podrick 


    Where can this massuse be found

     PS Im in Pattaya !!

    1. Podrick2


      Please send again.  Its raining and  My computa has a virus

  3. Hello,

                  I am moved by your account of your experiences and suffering in hospital.  What a nightmare.

    I hope you made a full recovery now and are OK.

    But you show not your location or any details. Not even a pic of your car.  55 If you are in Pattaya I say hello at 2 metres separation.  ha ha


  5. Hello mate,

            I dont think Ae read your trip report.I looked and could not find it .  And she ,and most of the rest, would not be gossiping like that anyway.

      I too  am a big fan of Jany  going back to 2015 !    In fact I like to help ladyboys, so  even tho I am simply too old, I have her booked right now  for a 4pm session today.   I put my pics on another site, where the big boys play,  'cos I get sick of the stupidity and mindless commentateing on here.555

      Ok  Enjoying your trip report so far.  Dont forget to tell them what u had for breakfast, and where the best place for a shit is.   (  oops  sorry .Was that satire?)        Cheerz    Pod

  6. Thankx very much to whomsoever loves Podrick to post his new epitaph XXXXX

  7. We are all LGBTQ on here.   So  I am Cool to be Queer .  5 5  

  8. Welcome to the Dark Side   xxxxx :ph34r: :witchhunt:

  9. I started with nothing.And still have most of it left.  :iPod:

    1. snoop-dawg


      Seasick Steve?

  10. I started with nothing.And still have most of it left.  :iPod:

  11. " If I had known

    What this night I would see

    I'd have looked him in the eye

    And turned him to a tree"

    Said the Fairy Queen

  12. And teenage delinquents can buy machine guns... What a horrible idea that is to peace loving sybarites the world over :Electric Shock:
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