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  1. I bought some new kitchen stuff for the apartment at Boonthavorn . Kitchen and bathroom place on the Suk. Place has great coffee think it was 45 baht. Just not the place to people watch or go to chillax. But my morning brew on the balcony with the Miele is still better than everywhere.
  2. Watched a movie a few years back with that scenario. Taking voyeurism to a new level.
  3. Just to throw in another option. One of my mates regularly flies Oman air MAN-BKK and has never been let down. Economy is good and the big seats are brilliant. Prices always competitive . I've never used them, part of the One World group but he uses nothing else now. Departures and connection are favorable too I recall. Maybe worth a try.
  4. Take a look down at the Dusit hotel. Absolute disgrace and failure. They gave failed to address the poor road drainage issue and as a result with fluid taking the path of least resistance greats swaves of sand have been gouged out by flood water escapong to the sea. Nothing being bone to address it happening again. Should be an intersting wet season for them.
  5. I do pity the Isheep locked in within the walled garden of Apple. So many better options available for lifestyle enhancement.
  6. Nobody is saying they cannot no longer stay here. All that is changing is the 'proof of source funds". The consulates / embassies did not want to consider themselves liable for providing such information. If the funds are available and correct then letters from banks and trace proofing will be required and deemed sufficient. I feel fine by this move and if pushes out another few jakeys that's fine by me.
  7. One country I could never trust, border line extremists. Non deserving of being part of Europe. Fair comment about the crashing currency, might be good business class offers. I'm sticking with Qatar though.
  8. I'll be sticking to my XZ Premium. Still got my Xperia Ultra Z which now doubles up as my kindle and travelling Netflix screen , that beast is over 10 years old. Love reading about these Apple products that begin dying off after 3-4 years due to the corporations non-admitted controlled obsolescence program. Then the same ill informed, advice impaired, customer base just lines up and buys the same over rated, over priced crap all over again. https://blogs.sonymobile.com/us/2017/07/11/xperia-xz-premium-officially-named-best-new-smartphone-mwc-2017/#gref
  9. Weak article, misses out on one of the most important single line cost items - health insurance inc dental care and the argument quoted' I’ve intentionally ignored a number of things, like health care for example, because I’ve never had to see a doctor for any reason as I’ve been accident free and never been seriously ill." is nothing more than pure ignorance. When the time comes for a medical bill you'll have wished you made allocations for health insurance. Should not be able to receive a Living expenses totally incomplete Lifestyle expenses not even mentioned - clothing, shoes, haircuts, grooming products Visa cost does not included the necessary travel expenses required to activate it. 3,400bah a month for rent, what a shit hole that must be and with Sophon cable installed, wow exciting options for what's on tv. The listed example property in ther article is quoted at 24,000 / month , take a 50% discount off and its still almost 3 times gross of what the article writer is living in. 500 baht a day on food, yes it can be done, but oh how depressing, day in day out. But there are all you can eat places in malls etc for, and for instance I currently buy 5 mangos from a fruit market for 100baht, brilliant breakfast and start to the day when they are blended into a shake (blender price 4,000baht) but can be eaten as whole fruit. A bunch of bananas are around 60 baht. Entertainment at 600baht a day - so this is the type of people that tuck themselves in the corner of a gogo bar with their one bottle of Leo. Sad and inaccurate existence indeed.
  10. How is the data collated and compared? Is it passengers own opinions or are the airlines measured against a series of metrics?
  11. I have my company health insurance which I use just now. But also have my own private health insurance still running from when I was self employed. Made more sense to keep paying the 130usd a month for life rather than cancel it and swing in when I would be older as new policy premiums rise significantly with age at membership. The 130usd is gold level cover with barely any exclusions.
  12. Go look see the new Xperia XZ2. Latest incarnation from the XZ Premium that won the best smart phone last year. Far superior to anything that gets churned out of Korea but never the cheaper option.
  13. Also all the other European majors (KLM, AF, BA) fly direct with shuttle connections from /to Frankfurt and possibly Berlin.
  14. I had one a while back, damned sore. Used my insurance at BPH. Walking pain free soon after. Be careful of any infection post treatment, this climate slows down the tissue healing process.
  15. Yip, go for a blast on the Magkev then hit hard Rock for a burger. Beijing isn't as cool as shanghai but don't mash around the crap airport.
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