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  1. I am a bit confused: Inserting an implant and capping it after the healing time is a possible treatment after tooth loss. Root canal treatment is to keep an infected tooth. You cant do both on the same tooth.
  2. I have to correct you: The orthodontist is the guy who does brackets. You ment an oral surgeon or a maxillofacial surgeon.
  3. By the way. Thanks to all of you. Great talking in here and (almost) no sensless comments. Let's keep it that way. This topic is vitally important for many of us.
  4. Well, I was stupid with anabolics and testo in my 20ies and 30ies and paid for it (not talking about the money right now). Won't repeat that mistake again now in my 50ies. So I guess, if all experts say, Truvada as single medication is enough for prep, I'll go for it. At least for my stays in Thailand. Which means 12 weeks on and 7 weeks off alternating.
  5. But don't the hiv positive people take Truvada AND Dgt as a permanent medication for years? If yes, then I guess the side effects cannot be that severe.
  6. Honestly I dont remember. I got 2 plastic bags with the different pills. All together with the HIV test, consultation with the doc and the pills about 3500,- Baht. Or maybe 5500,- ? I told them to check Syphillis and Hep B also. Would the Dolutegavir make the Prep safer?
  7. Ok Here's my contribution to this thread: Go to ANY hospital in Patts. Tell them last night your condom broke while having sex with a prostitute. They will do an immediate HIV test and give you enough pills for 4 weeks and tell you to do another test afterwards. Officially you are doing PEP now, but I've been told, its almost the same medication. For PEP you get Truvada (Tenofovir/Emtricitabin) AND Dolutegravir. For PREP it's only Truvada. 1 pill a day. I did it in BKK Pattaya Hospital. No problems. My question for the experts here is: Is Truvada alone enough for PREP or does the additional Dolutegravir make it safer?
  8. I'd like to know how that condom can help when having a breath analysis? By chewing on it before the test and hoping the stench will fool the device? But seriously. The condom thing is more for a urine test when they check for drug abuse. Does anyone know what happens to a Farang if tested positive?
  9. I've been talking to THE HIV specialist in Munich last week: Truvada as a pre exposition prophylaxis is not 100% safe, more like over 90% It also protects you from Hepatitis B but not C It has a lot of side effects specially to th kidneys. It is no protection for other STD like gonorrhoea and worse than that syphillis, which has some antibiotic resistent strains in Africa and Asia right now (A friend of mine had to take tons of antibiotics to get rid of his syphillis and it took almost a year.) So, as much as would love to do it without condom, I just don't see enough safety for me offered by Truvada
  10. I used to go in Gogos 15 to 10 years ago. It was just better than now. Yeah, I know, the "good old times" syndrome. But seriously, in that times, all of them wanted to go long time, as any hotel room with air con was better, than the hot smelly room they used to share with their friends, and most of them gave a good service. These days, they start dressing even before you pulled the condom off your dick and most of them offer a shit service and demand almost european prices. I prefer Soi 6 or Buakaw for a good shag now.
  11. I used to know the owner/manager, since she was working in the "SEA A Gogo" in Soi Diamond. Never had any problems in both places. She is a small obviously lesbian Thai. Rumors say, she had married a rich Korean business woman and they opened the "What's up" in the other Soi. This place is known to have some of the most beautiful dancers of Patty, because the rich Koreran finances the place in low season, if the income is too low to pay all the staff. I always liked the place because of the high amount of stunners compared to other places and the lack of "thirsty throats", but of course, I always check my bills, in any place.
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