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About Me


     Happily retired and not at all boastful, I can look back on a life well lived and feel happy that I certainly did some stuff with it.     

    I was the classic British Public School Boy ,and got into cottaging  as a teenager.

   I  did marry the girl I met at Uni . But I wanted to' sail round the world'  so split in Cap D'Agde in  93.   and  I became an ocean going  bi  polysexual.   

 A pornstar from Trinidad , French ladies from the nude beach in St Martin to mention but a few.

          I  discovered 'bath houses'  around the world  as the safest place for a clusterfuck.

                     By 2000 I got the boat as far as Brisbane  ( great gloryholes)  ,but commuted back to Blighty for work '      Hence I discovered the joys of being the centre of attention in a SLING at Club 17 Singapore on a stopover for research.

       And Phuket  for ladyboys'

    And Babylon in Bangkok .  Very gay in there !              50 horny Asian men in the dark room!   Thats  hardcore anal commitment!   And so safe .   Always condoms, no question!

  I had  sailed as far as Phuket  by 2007 and arrived with a phonebook full of lbs  .     And  was overwhelmed by Duu Lae   from one in particular who became my constant companion to this day.      She accepted the boob job with pride and that  her new husband was a queer sex addict.

 A year later and the biggest mistake of my life was getting my knees fixed in  Penang .  Went wrong immediately. Got infected on the revision a year later ,and hell for 3 years .            Had to sell the beloved boat and get a pool villa on the edge of Pattaya.   

        On recovery I  did Sansuk Sauna in Jomtien  and Babylon a lot for several years. Even became sling consultant.  

      I built my own fuckatorium here and the lbwife would bring the biggest and the best lbs for 'instant hardcore pornography'   but its strictly amateur    so fk the critics  . 55555               Podrick the Pornstar?           Its an art

        I identify as Alternate LGBTQ . 

Not gay acting  but  Queer . Never been a scene queen , but prefer instant hardcore with Thai ladyboys.   .       


 I do live in a very nice pool villa on the edge of town.   So a quiet life, with the hoards of lb   destitutes just a click away    :cabaret: 


  Its just I hate being 69 and the downward spiral to dementia that is the reality 

   It is my Kama .   Duu Lae from a Thai ladyboy until the end of my days               



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