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  1. It's been more than a year... Really feel like bending a ladyboy over and f***ing her up the arse!!! :)

    1. imrankhan1981


      I am desperately waiting for my first :Tongue2:

    2. fenton



    3. Captain Pugwash

      Captain Pugwash

      An entire year!!---wish it had been only that long for me!!  

  2. I got the trots from iffy spaghetti bolognese at a food buffet in Asia ... never again.
  3. Well I like it..... We need more honesty in advertising!
  4. I used DM as my entry and exit point last trip. It's a long way from Sukhumvit and I'm not sure what the bus options are. I think from memory the taxi fare was somewhere between 200-300. Leaving I couldn't even find a taxi on Sukhumvit and had to ride on the back of a bike with luggage to DM... It was a nightmare, never again!
  5. At my airport departure point you can pay to have your check in luggage covered in cellophane which is supposed to deter tampering .. Not sure if this is standard at most airports or how effective it is.
  6. Arriving late in the day from Pattaya, I had a nightmare journey from Sukhumvit to Don Muang on a motor bike taxi. There were simply no car taxis around ... Never again. If I had to fly out from DM again I would make sure my last night was in Bangkok, so that way there's time to book a taxi or use the public transport options to get to the airport.
  7. I would change hotels, if you suspect it might be staff. Difficult I guess if you've paid for a full month..?
  8. I'm only here for the name calling B)

  9. Ringing in the ears is probably tinnitus. Very common.
  10. Seriously I've noticed hearing loss and persistent itchiness after taking Viagra many times in Asia..... (that's itchiness in the ears not the arse lol)
  11. Something I learned only after a few visits... In nearly all bars in the big tourist hubs, the girls (GG or lb) get only one day off a month. That's one day a month. In most other walks of life and occupations, a six day working week is pretty standard. It's utter bollocks to say the Thais don't work harder than we do.
  12. I figure when your number's up your number's up. I have no burning desire to live into my eighties. A doc told me to give the fags and booze so I can live longer .. Why would I want to do that? So I can get to live as an invalid in a nursing home and be even more annoying to everyone 555. A much better argument for trying to stay reasonably fit and healthy is that it improves our quality of life now. Take care of yourselves guys.
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