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  1. If you're in town now don't go swimming at Nakula ... you'll be deep in shit (literally!)

  2. Jimmy did you know that you cannot receive messages PMs ?

  3. 1976 not been on forum as have been in germany

    all best Annat

  4. It's been more than a year... Really feel like bending a ladyboy over and f***ing her up the arse!!! :)

    1. imrankhan1981


      I am desperately waiting for my first :Tongue2:

    2. fenton



    3. Captain Pugwash

      Captain Pugwash

      An entire year!!---wish it had been only that long for me!!  

  5. I'm only here for the name calling B)

  6. Mustn't play loud music after 10PM at home while watching online porn (it upsets the neighbours..... :))

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    2. fenton





    3. Jimmy_Lovepants


      Lindemann? Nah mate... If it's vintage porn (and it was) we're talking big bushy muffs and affros. None of this lasered, manicured, shaved nonsense. Was not a bald badger in sight. We're talking mounds n mounds of pubic hair gloriously unshaved and unclipped and hirsute mutton chop chaps who had the good sense of style to wear white socks whilst on the job ... Blood oath. And a funky seventies soundtrack redolent with wah wah guitars and slap heavy bass parts and Barry White sotto voice testing the bed springs with his big black paws murmurring Hmmm...Nice n bouncy! ;)

    4. fenton
  7. Down with ladyboys who are taller than me --- They always want to f*** you up the bum! 5555

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    2. LL Cool Dave

      LL Cool Dave

      You need to loosen up jimmy 555

    3. bayhill


      welcome to my world, 555.

    4. icebergjr.
  8. Years of sickening arselicking and grovelling to the mods without shame or regret is required and even then only one of them takes an irrational dislike to you and with a dismissive wave of perfumed hand like a gay French king consigns for eternity to member only status the supplicant leading to crushing complete psychological break down and the flattening of the human soul like a tack under an implacable hammer of fickle fate and the existential horror pervades every facet of existence sucking all joy out of work and family life and friendships leading to the abyss of abysses and another unending torment of angst and mental cruelty and infinite sadness....... That said it's well worth the effort.
  9. a bit o' larceny is good for the soul... (who isn't a pirate at heart 55)

    1. kathoeyfan


      Stealing more hearts Jimmy?

    2. guiltydreamer


      Underwear more likely!!

    3. Jimmy_Lovepants
  10. Need to delete my internet search history 55555

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    2. Jimmy_Lovepants


      Hmmm... I suppose 'the dog did it' lacks a certain credibility!

    3. Jazza01


      Use incognito in chrome for visiting these sorts of things. After a while it becomes habit, not fullproof but saves the history problem.

    4. American Eagle

      American Eagle

      I have a friend that let one of her FWB use her computer. Afterwards she saw he was checking out Fat Girl and Granny porn. LOL

  11. Did the deed with a Thai hooker (GG) at home this week... daytime brothel rate (1 hour) $200. Lots of mutual oral, 69. I may have clued her up to my alter-sex life when I gave her bum hole a bit of a tongueing. And then she sticks her finger right up me arse ... I feel like I was made (rumbled!) 55555

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    2. Jazza01


      keep in touch with her then give her a hardship story and knock her back to $100 for a repeat

    3. guiltydreamer


      bet you haven't brushed your teeth since Jimmy.....

    4. Jimmy_Lovepants


      I do like your thinking HK! ;)

      GD - I haven't brushed and i hope she hasn't washed her finger (yuck yuck!)

  12. I got shouted down for saying "I like Asian women" (e.g. I was being racist/sexist etc) ... I can't believe ppl have got so PC now. I said I like them, not hate them. I was being nice about them right??! Today, 05:09 PM · Delete · Lock

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    2. silentmoebius78


      Thumbs up Turk182, you nailed it, would give a +1 for that..


      @Jimmy, don't give a fu.. about others oppinion.. Mind your own buisness.. Cheers Man..

    3. Jimmy_Lovepants


      Right on Turk182. Funnily enough tho it was a guy who told me I couldn't say I like Asian women.....

    4. Jimmy_Lovepants


      FFS,, what's next then? We can't say "I like women" or "I like sex" ??? ... Modern life is rubbish, Grrrr!!!

  13. Seriously.......what the fuck did I do???

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    2. Jimmy_Lovepants


      We just love trouble mate 555

    3. outsider


      Hope the trip has still been good to you even with the emotional revolving doors they put you through.

    4. Jimmy_Lovepants


      Trip over outsider. TR up now (O the infamy! yuckyuck)

  14. Some lovepants action comin' straight at 'em next week... ladies, get ready!!! :)

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    2. Jimmy_Lovepants


      Pruned and perfumed Captain! ;)

    3. garrydirty


      there myself next week

    4. Podrick



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