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  1. Spare us the supermarket report frank! Writing up a TR on Word then copying to the forum doesn't work actually. I tried to and the formatting was all mucked up - tiny font which everyone complained about (hehe) .. BTW I always take fistfuls of peyote and mescaline before logging on.
  2. I find if you click away from the post and thread, then click back on to it - there is an option to restore the text you'd written. (Or you can clear all). I don't know if everyone sees this.
  3. tried to pm you nut you not receiving message

    why not

    when you back in patts?

    Big T

  4. Thanks Jags.. No it's not Frank. I couldn't get along in forum life without Frank! I know he speaks highly of me too .
  5. Giving this a bump because I'm looking but can't find the Ignore function. Supposed to be on our profile page, but can't see it anywhere. Help. I think I need idiot-proof directions! Please type answers slowly because I don't read fast .
  6. I had this issue for a couple of weeks. The forum's site was blacklisted and I couldn't get on using my PC (I could with phone). Happily it's resolved now, normal service resumed .
  7. Sometimes l just crawl up into a ball on the kitchen floor and pretend l'm a crumb ... Anyone else?

  8. Tried to send you a PM but it didn't work. Are you on any other social media you horrible little cunt? :)

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    2. frankdrebin


      Good Morning (Evening to you!)

      There are many reasons that could explain why you're an annoying little cunt and based on my extensive experience and expertise in cuntery of all forms, I have set these out below:

      • You're little - sorry to say this Jimmy, but persons of smaller stature are just more naturally prone to utter cuntishness
      • You're an Aussie - this makes you a cunt
      • Parents - if your parent were cunts, it's quite likely you will be to - I'm not sure it's a genetic characteristic that is inherited, or whether you just start to pick it is you grow up
      • Humour - most cunts think they're funny (quite often they are)
      • Boredom - sometimes you just get bored and need to be cunt

      I'm fairly sure I did a powerpoint presentation on this subject so I'll have to see if I can find it, in the meantime, I hope this helps.


    3. Jimmy_Lovepants


      It's all just a natural gift, innit?


    4. Jimmy_Lovepants


      I asked my sister if the whole family were cunts..... She said no, it's (mostly) just you. :blink:


  9. A lb on TF told me I had a one in a million shot of having sex with her... Result, I'm in with a chance! B)

  10. I'd better get something decent this year... last year's gifts were ten types of shite :(

  11. If you're in town now don't go swimming at Nakula ... you'll be deep in shit (literally!)

  12. Jimmy did you know that you cannot receive messages PMs ?

  13. 1976 not been on forum as have been in germany

    all best Annat

  14. It's been more than a year... Really feel like bending a ladyboy over and f***ing her up the arse!!! :)

    1. imrankhan1981


      I am desperately waiting for my first :Tongue2:

    2. fenton



    3. Captain Pugwash

      Captain Pugwash

      An entire year!!---wish it had been only that long for me!!  

  15. I'm only here for the name calling B)

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