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  1. 1976 not been on forum as have been in germany

    all best Annat

  2. Had a crab at what was a good restaurant up north. with in 20 mins was bad, only got the car home safe then 5 days in The Ram Hospital £1200 cost and only £850 back on insurance taught me to stay away from crab, Hoi and shell fish in Thailand now stick to chicken and pork funny had the same with crab in Bkk in 1976 But hear lot of people are bad from the international fast food operations, might look good but the hygiene is nothing compared to our countries - am sure the street outlets are better as it is fresh and cooked through well - now I am very careful what I eat. Was so bad it was a good job my ex had my cash to pay hospital up front, noway I could have dealt with a credit card
  3. Have flown with Eva about 10 times, Thai 4, BA once all direct from London Emirates many from Birmingham & Stanstead Qatar from london twice KLM and Lufthansa from Birmingham Have a silver card with Emirates so like about 3 hours at Dubai in the Business lounge, also usually get offer of an upgrade at reasonable price. I pay for a flexi type ticket to get the extra points and get a good selection of seats But much prefer direct. I cannot sleep well on planes. So like to take a couple of sleeping tablets and hope to get 4/5 hours on the direct, not so easy with Emirates as it is 7.5 hours to Dubai and 6.5 hours to BKK. At Dubai there is the hassle of going through security again and a long and agroed walk to change terminals, nearly always going down to the train and up to the plane, generally 20 mins if u lucky, longer if you do not rush Seems the London direct flight are very competitive at the moment and parking at Heathrow only £10 more than the regional airports As I am not coming to Thailand 4/5 times a year now, would think direct is the best Best Airline Service for me was Qatar - Eva - Emirates -KLM - Thai - BA -Lufthansa hope I will be fit to get back again in due course
  4. I drink Coke light/zero nearly all the time in LOS but the two I drank one night did not stop my 5 days in hospital with food posioning two years ago
  5. my friend flies with Thai and twice in the last four legs they have combined with Eva to fill the planes I know I flew back on Emirates to stanstead and had four seats on each leg so times must be hard at moment
  6. Bad news I have an old brown one spare and was going to us it next time that a Bug**r why does it matter how you fly if you pay for the service I always used them when not flying bussiness
  7. thanks to those who helped and understood got that i put 1pm instead 1am thanks you for pointing out though I might have got it wrong it seems straight forward to me fly 0330 need to be at airport 0130 Well I know getting old Thanks Peter useful info I was not aware that BFS had stopped the premium service that is a blow
  8. Great a school teacher I fly at 3.30 so will need to book in aboout 1.00pm You might be quick with the pen but sadly rather slow with the brain but thanks for trying and of course like many of your other posts does nothing to answer what is being asked# Wonder if i am being silly replying may be just what you want
  9. Ok I am looking into flying out of BKK at 0330 in the morning Never done this before Info about how busy the airport is at 1pm would be helpful so I can judge wether to use BFS Please no answers about reading previous threads no use to me what it was like in 2016 Up todate info much appreciated Be well Annat
  10. Duke that was for August and gather numbers are bad but it 430 out and 280 back someone told me that they have a year and if they cannot make it well it will finish, I do see where the footfall is fom Cardiff, Bristol is only 60 odd miles down the road
  11. I NOW GO FOR THE FLIGHT WITH 3HRS+ layover the 1.30 is so tight you are running to get the BKK flight and as said if lots of people in security you knackered and you cannot afford anything over 30 mins delay it is always tight on the BKK- dubai- brimingham flight and nearly always you have to change terminials it is long walk lots of lifts or escalators, then the train then more lifts or escalators if you not young and fit like Kendo and are old and fat like me it is very hard work I feel 2.30 to 3.30 is just right, but have a silver card and can use the business lounge I was thinking of using Qatar from Cardiff but they now £700 plus, Emirates in October is £440 from Birmingham
  12. yes increased to 120bht a day at least 2 years ago
  13. there are two drops off sign posted very clearly -one on departure floor near I think row J on back wall the other I seem to remember on arrivals hall they charge 120 bht per day need pasport, pay when you collect I always leave mine for a day
  14. From london I rate 1 Eva 2 Thai seats very tight if you bigger 3 BA poor standard today via Middle East 1 Qatar 2 and a long way second Emirates
  15. Anyone flown the Dreamliner Reports say seats small and entertainment box under seat in front. Now I am fat old man and have bad knees so have to stretch my legs. They are now flying from Cardiff which is only 40 mins from me. So makes sense rather than Birmingham with Emirates especially after the way they treated me last time Qatar are the best airling I have flown on for service and happy crew
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