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  1. Looks like 5 or 6 hours each way - as the old saying goes up to you And as the other saying goes, I've done worse...
  2. I was just looking at prices today - China Southern offering return flights for under £300 LHR to BKK. Fucking bargain and they have a good rating online https://www.airlinequality.com/airline-reviews/china-southern-airlines/
  3. I used Janie's taxi service last time and the service was excellent - nice car, no suicidal driving and a fair price. Just booked her again for my next trip in a few weeks https://www.taxi-service-thailand.com/
  4. I know you started this thread to find out information, but I'd like some from you instead! Where is your stopover and did you have to pay for the lounge? I think one of my stopovers in Dubai is quite long and I hadn't considered using a lounge before
  5. Hello Fenton, good to see you're still with us. Not sure about that time of day, but I always use the fast track service on arrival now and avoid the pissing about. It costs 850 baht but I reckon that's quite cheap to keep my sanity. https://www.bangkokflightservices.com/home/bfs-services/premium-airport-services/
  6. Thanks very much guys, I'll give that a try
  7. Good Evening, Afternoon or Morning, I've never done any kind of video editing before, but I'd like to do a few little videos now and then for fun (no not like that, you bunch of perverts!). As I don't plan to be doing lots of videos I'd prefer something free and it doesn't have to be too technical. Basically the key things I want to be able to do at the moment are: edit the length of the video - just clip a bit off either end or in the middle crop the video image that appears on screen, a similar way you can with a photo super-impose a back ground image to what is a plain background I've been online to find various options and downloaded two, one doesn't have the functions I want and the other won't run on the windows version I have as it dates back to a time when primitive cave drawings were all the rage. Also, it looks like you need a degree in computer science to use some of the others and while I can use a PC, I've never had to set one up or do anything like that, as that's what they pay the IT people at work for, so I'm a bit ignorant when it comes to this type of thing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Frank
  8. In many places, including the hole in the wall, if they think you are a softie farang they will give you softie food, I always tell them to make "same same" as they eat and then they will give you proper food. I guess they are used to some people thinking they can eat spicy food without realising quite how fond of chillies they are in Thailand, so their "default" for foreigners is what other people have mentioned. After a few nights out with various GGs & LBs on first trips to Thailand I have found you have to tell them you want it the same way they eat or you'll end up with the Thai equivalent of spaghetti hoops. I couldn't believe the difference in the quality of food once they realised I would eat the the same as they would eat themselves.
  9. I don't have any specific choices but I've tried lots of different dishes and enjoyed them all, plus it's dirt cheap. I love red curry and that's always good, plenty of chilli heat.
  10. A great place to eat is the "Hole in the Wall" on Soi Buakhao. It's pretty much opposite the Katesiree House And next to one of the many goldsmiths... the hole in the wall is on the left in the pic below from google... And if you stand in the middle of Soi Buakhao looking towards central road (by the way standing in the middle of any Thai road is not to be recommended) the street view is as below. You can see the LK Metro sign on the left about 50 yards down the road.
  11. Over the years I have flown from UK to LOS with Malaysia Airlines, Qatar, Etihad and Emirates: Malaysia - shit. Terrible seats, poor service, all the crew looked like they didn't want to be there - will never use them again Qatar - first two times were faultless, the last time was poor - issues with seat - seemed more cramped than last time, entertainment system had issues and staff were strangely off. But I would definitely use them again as I think the last time was more the exception than the norm and that seems to tie in with other comments above Etihad - they were okay but two of the four legs were operated by Jet airways and that wasn't who I booked with. Also they wouldn't give me a new set of headphones after the ignorant German bitch in the seat next to me broke hers and took mine out of my seat pocket while I was asleep. I probably would use Etihad again but only if I couldn't go Qatar or Emirates Emirates - couldn't fault them, flew on the A380 and very comfortable, good service & crew. Only issue is Dubai airport isn't the nicest place to hang around for 7-8 hours
  12. Hi Fenton Thanks, I do all that already - make sure all my pockets are empty, belt off and always wear slip on shoes when travelling as I like to take my shoes off on the plane, as well as making it easier at security. I have also found that it's a fucking pain in the ass trying to tie your shoe laces when people are trying get luggage out of lockers etc. Cheers Frank
  13. Cheers O. I did wonder about the bags as they would obviously go straight through and be loaded on to the plane.
  14. The problem is I am already on autopilot when I travel so I never remember stuff like this - all airports are the same to me. Does that make me airportist?
  15. Don't be mentioning fags with Cherjam around, you do realise he is total homophobe, right?!! But you can abbreviate that to just homo
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