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  1. Jimmy did you know that you cannot receive messages PMs ?

  2. Not SO older than your age.

  3. Just in case you need more.

  4. Strange old Nickname ?

  5. Get to fuck Lord Jim your whiskey days are over. Why u not a mod yet hahahaha

    p/s Jim King of Bells mixed with other concoctional shit

  6. Great photos Antartico ....loving them 

    U really like the last one that you met at Terminal 21 ....any more details available or are you keeping her to yourself ( I think I would ...lol) 

    Hope we can have a beer one day


  7. Appreciate it LJ

  8. Good Chap, I say, I say  a LB safari would be quite a good show. 

    I,  Lord Huntley the Hunter the III rd, would love to join come September when

    I shall be on a month long visit.


    please keep me in mind, old chap


    L.H.H.  III rd

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