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  1. Just saw this post and it looks like a great spot, and not far from me ........so thanks SeanArcher I have never found a good Indian restaurant yet ....they all seem rather bland , stodgy and creamy ....the meat always seems dry/dead ...maybe overcooked ? These pictures look great .....that was a serious meal for two there SA ?
  2. Brewed = Mixed w hot water ? @ Grego ...when you state above that "You don't understand Thaiman sometimes " ....it would seem to imply that you do understand him at other times ? Can you send me a copy of the codes you are using please as I never fucking understand him !!
  3. If you ae going for instant coffee then Nescafe is the best ....they sell the 3/1 sachets here in Thailand Coffee/Milk and sugar ....its a bit sweet and Its not rally coffee (71 Cals ffs ) but its a pleasant enough hot drink if there's nothing better around ....It's actually nice brewed and then stored in the fridge until chilled .
  4. I have carried one of these when doing long trips and they are excellent ....but quite heavy . Prices have dropped over the years so I pretty much have one wherever I go these days , Capsules aren't so easy to find in Pattaya and are relatively expensive . The local coffee is so good that I use one of these most days at home .... Nice brew , cheap ,easy and very lightweight (but do need a heat source )
  5. Well don't go to Starbucks ...160B for a double shot latte that just tasted of milk !! ...Thats 4£ ...??? ............they should wear masks and carry guns Theres a great coffee shop on Soi Bukhaw Market at the Tutkom end ...open air place ..great coffee , nice ambiance facing the market area Name is Benjamit ? https://www.facebook.com/BenjamitCoffee...also Hideaway has good coffee
  6. I had the Friday Special at Frazers on Thappraya Road (on the left as you drop down the hill into Jomptien ) B350 for an excellent Australian Ribeye (or Sirloin or TBone ) with an excellent salad and coleslaw (and some fairly average fries) ...Baked potato next time Excellent value to satisfy the inner carnivore after a long week ...I had lunch but they serve it all day on Fridays
  7. My thoughts also ....you would think that anyone who was suffering from premature ejaculation would have no problems getting wood ...so won't need anything .
  8. I find that Kamagra / Sidagra etc all make ejaculation more difficult already .....it would take me days with this stuff !! "Brace yourself Honey ................we gonna need a lot more lube !!"
  9. Ended up at Steak and Co and it was really excellent ....250g Aussie Angus Grass Fed Ribeye for 690 B .......cooked perfectly with some pepper gravy and mash . Nice bottle of Chilean Red Now feel like I am having a steak baby ....cann't fucking move !!!
  10. Tired with Thai food so meeting a mate for steaks tonight and thinking Steak and Co or Patricks Have been to Steak and Co a few times and never been bad so far but have never been to Patricks gaff ....is anyone familiar with both and care to share their opinions ? Thanks FYI I have been buying Aussie Ribeye at Big C lately ...airflown and never frozen (they say) ....abt 900 B/ KG . It comes Vacum Packed individual steaks , so I leave it in the fridge for about two weeks before I salt/pepper/butter it then grill over a simple v hot Thai Style Bucket Charcoal BBQ ...pretty bloody good w some mash potatoes ,onion gravy and some token greens !!!
  11. I had heard that this was happening ..they need to get the drain runoffs buried beneath the beach sand asap or all their hard work and costly golden sand will be a distant memory by the next high season
  12. FFS Paper you asked and I answered already 4 posts ago !!! ......which part of NO are you struggling with ? Edit (Now give me a like 'cos you are fucking up my like ratio)
  13. Not SO older than your age.

  14. Just in case you need more.

  15. If you go to Immigration within 48 hours of landing (excluding weekends ) and take your tennancy agreement you should be ok as I would doubt they would look back on previous trips ...but TiT so they may do . They seem to rely on you making incriminating statements ...like confessing you didn't register previously . So if the ask you , just say that you understand the landlord did it last time . At worst its 1600B/fine
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