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  1. Get to fuck Lord Jim your whiskey days are over. Why u not a mod yet hahahaha

    p/s Jim King of Bells mixed with other concoctional shit

  2. I feel you man, last time it was an absolute joke, both getting in and out, for the price it's got to be worth it
  3. It would be nice if it wasn't as busy (as has been reported) Probably still have a good time of course; but you can go to thailand 365days of the year - the real advantage is getting the fuck out of farangland at christmas! everybody must have the same idea I still fantasise about it though. Not worth dropping double money on a flight tho. One day I'll do it.
  4. Increase in prices across the board, only to miss something that happens once a year anyway doesn't sound great; could not be arsed with it being more crowded also haha. But still I do think about it a lot.
  5. Fucking...business class bastards!! yeh alright ya big bunch of bummers! Pure jealousy over here p.s, been on the A380 pretty much every time over to LOS....always enjoyed it in cattle class. Emirates softens it somewhat.
  6. Very cool mate. Made me hungry haha. I like the look of the food, nice hearty grub.
  7. I love when my girls are boys

    1. icebergjr.
    2. Jimmy_Lovepants


      And me. Just like the Blur song mate 555

  8. All taxi's I've had to Pattaya appear to drive at breakneck speed. Well, certainly a much aster speed than I am used to back home. Can anybody make comment as to whether this is normal, what are the accident statistics like?
  9. Ah I see So what you're sayng is...I'm fake news 555 I thought she was friends with Amy and I just bundled it all in
  10. Thanks, I will keep her in mind then. She does look good. I think she just runs with a bad crowd is all 555!
  11. Now this Annie I did have on my imaginary list for a while, even though she is probably good service, seems very overly made-up and plasticated, I can't imagine her to look like she does in photos. Am I wrong?
  12. Tell you what guys, I never heard a good word about Nid Cha, honestly 1 in 10 reports are good, sounds like a bunch of crazy bitches. I did go through a masturbatory phase over Amy, but the more I hear the more I am put off.
  13. I'm going to go by your shortlist 4skin, it seems you have the same approach to a proper breakfast as I do.
  14. Yeah thanks for that input DC! Much appreciated review. I think the same way.
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