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    This offends me as I'm a vegan transgender atheist who vapes and crossfits 4 times a week and I'm also a male feminist as I identify myself as a pastafarian apache helicopter dog, mega multi combo god of hyper death and if you don't agree with me you're an ignorant arrogant globaphobic sexist lesbian.

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  1. Who else has stocked up on semi precious metals? (Brass, Copper, Lead and Tin) Seems it's appropriate during these upcoming crazy times. Stay safe, boys!

    1. ThailandTraveller73


      Stocking up on gold,silver,etc is great,but if they don't stock up with plenty of brass and lead ,well,then people are just stocking up metals(also food.water,etc.) for the biggest,toughest guy on the block,because he's gonna come and take it from them.Good luck to all of you during this turbulent time.Keep your wits and think.Those that can keep their heads straight while others are panicking will fair much better.

  2. I'm old but my young members of the Wolfpack are back in LOS! Have fun Boys!!!!

  3. Happy New Year!!!  Drinking Xocoveza and loving it 66F/19C where I'm at in the USA,love it! I miss Thailand! 

  4. I'm off to jolly old England, believe it or not I can't wait!

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. swany


      Are you going to your boyfriends wedding

    3. loverboy25


      Have a good trip


    4. Mr. Bickle

      Mr. Bickle

      where and why iceman?

  5. Last week it was -12 C and this week it's 19 C where I'm at WTF????

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. icebergjr.


      It's back to 1C so tell me Quietguy how weather doesn't just change?


    3. icebergjr.


      I'm just lucky I have great craft Beers to help me weather out the cold, Christmas Bomb($10.00 a bottle wtf??)keeps me warm!!! 5555

    4. Somjot


      I thought someone, who calls himself "iceberg" would be the last to complain about cold weather

  6. Off to Blighty(?) Tomorrow never been so really excited! Then on to Thailand on November 2nd! No work for 6 weeks I am so happy! See ya soon, boys!

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. benny1949


      So very sorry mixing you this trip.


      Passpato, ENJOY your around the world in 80 days.

    3. garrydirty


      Nice to see you ice and Terry didn't know it was you at first with that beanie hat on LOL cold is it?? LOL


    4. Quietguy


      Anyone see iceberg in Patts in November? He doesn't seem to have been online since October. I hope he is ok

  7. R.I.P. Hugh Hefner. 1926-2017 a true legend!

    1. bayhill


      yup, THE man! RIP.

    2. icebergjr.


      He certainly was, the first naked tits i ever saw at 5 years old were in Playboy! LOL


    3. Daddy Rom

      Daddy Rom

      He is in a better place. NOT !!!!

  8. I'm drunk and feeling good!

    1. kathoeyfan
    2. swany


      Thought you cut down on the piss Ice

    3. Jimmy_Lovepants


      Surely you're over the drunk part now and just feeling the hang over! ;)

  9. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

    1. benny1949


      A craft day or a craft beer? All the best.


    2. silentmoebius78


      Merry Christmas to you too!!

  10. Angela and Barrack , tried to ruin the western world but they have not succeeded! Fuckem'

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    2. 57Chevy


      Thats right. Under "Mutti" (Angie) the CDU made the second big step towards the left side.

      The first one was made during the 80s, when left extremism became acceptable since the ecocommunists (The "green" party) had entered the polical stage and the two big political parties in Germany started to curry favour with them....

      Same happened now, when the CDU is thinking about a coalition with the ecocommunists after next years election.


    3. silentmoebius78


      I realy hope, we manage to keep the Green party and the SPD out of power.. I have seen, how they fucked Germany over first hand.. If the Left party makes more sence in there estimations, then something clearly goes very wrong!! CDU,SPD, Green Party and the FDP are not votable for me!!

    4. Doyle Lonnegan

      Doyle Lonnegan

      Don't bite lads lol.

  11. 10 hours 'til wheels up! LOS here I come! 5555

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    2. bayhill


      awesome buddy.

      bring or buy umbrella, crayz flooding today.

    3. Thompson Twins

      Thompson Twins

      After seeing my doctor and he advised against flying. Not content with that outcome I saw the chief cardiologist consultant and unfortunately he gave me the same outcome.


      So fucking gutted man as you know I have been counting down the days.

    4. Slowguy


      23 hours for me!

  12. XocovezA is amazing! So yummy!

    1. Kathoey_Hunter
    2. icebergjr.


      Yes but also contains coffee, cinnamon, nutmeg, and peppers.


  13. Hurricane Mathew, is coming up the coast and heading to where I live my hotel has evacuated as of 3 pm on Oct. 5th,2016?! WTF?? I've lived here for 20 years and worked at Hotels most of the time and have never had them evacuate! I guess shit just got real! I hope not as I'm sitting on my back patio and it's pleasant as shit! 555555

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. icebergjr.


      I've got 2 cases of beer, a handle of Vodka,some canned food,50 gallons of water,and plenty of ammo for my glock 19 and my S&W AR-15 so yes I do feel safe! 55555

    3. Jimmy_Lovepants


      Glad you remembered some food too Ice! 5555

    4. steveo941


      and the good news is that big box of doughnuts you bought will come in handy, eat half of one for energy, use the other half in your mouth as a gum shield when the storm hits, win win

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