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  1. I know it looks bad, but within an hour it was all gone.
  2. OP: You seem to be completely paranoid about the whole situation and you freely admit that you do not enjoy anal sex, this must surely have a negative effect on your enjoyment whilst you are in Pattaya. Maybe you should consider whether LB mongering in Pattaya is really for you after all.
  3. I wish you would all speak up a bit, I can't hear a bloody word your saying. And while I'm on, I'm struggling to read the posts, eyesight a bit dodgy, what the hells going on ?
  4. I bumped into Kimmy this afternoon, she's working in a massage shop about halfway down Soi Honey. We had a quick chat to catch up, she was looking good and now has multicoloured hair, have made a mental note to go back and see her sometime soon.
  5. Pain in the chest and bladder? That is definitely NOT stomach ulcers. Go see a doctor and get checked out.
  6. Re making a post with my iPhone. When I write message and add emojis it all appears on screen. Then when I post on thread message appears but not emojis. Why is this, have I done something wrong? Never have problems with laptop. Thanks in anticipation.
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