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  1. I've had complaints from GGs when passing the two hour mark without cumming. Very difficult to cum with normal Kamagra for me. Kinda wondering who needs SuperKamagra, can't be that big market?? :D
  2. Tnx! My landlord didn't really want to register but after I said I would go to immigration myself with my contract they got a bit stressed and registered a profile online So I guess the only thing I have to do is take a photo of passport and immigration slip and send them it through Line so they can upload it online and register.
  3. I contacted my landlord in Bkk to ask them to do the TM30 since I'm returning soon and will need to extend my tourist visa (my 1y non expired) They had of course no idea what it was. 1. So, to avoid problems should I meet in person within 48h to deliver the TM30? 2. If I bring the rental contract (which btw is from 1.1.18) would the landlord get in trouble for not registering me before? Edit: Did read up on other forums and apparantly 2. doesn't matter
  4. It is so annoying paying 100 THB to the moto driver getting out of the bus, which btw cost the same. From Bkk. Not about the money but just feels like a scam. Will try the Grab option next time.
  5. I pay 1180 THB for a box with 30 pills at Pulse Clinic Silom. Take 7 days before +every day during the stay+7 days after.
  6. I've also used Air Asia on the same route from time to time. No issues. But of course I've heard about the delays from others. To be fair I had delays for hours with both TG and PG so not much difference (other than relaxing in the lounge of course)
  7. At Pulse Silom I pay 500 for consultant, 500 for HIV test and 1125 pr box of PrEP, the Thai generic, a total of 4375. Add on 500 more if you do the kidney test and additional 500 for Syphilis. If you are a repeat customer it is possible to choose Express and bypass the consultant fee although you need to speak to one anyway but no pay(Thai logic) I never prebook appointments and have rarely waited more than 30 minutes. They do have a poster to explain why they have higher prices and refer people to Red Cross if they want to save money. For me it's just more convenient to go there
  8. Holy fuck, I knew it was some risks but now the hacks are on YT? And it is so easy? From now on I´ll lock my valuables in my Samsonite portable handluggage where I can lock it with a wire. On the other hand I was a regular at LeFenix soi 11 bkk for many years before they fucked it up with all the indian group bookings. Several times I found a note that they had locked the safe for me and I had to contact staff to open it. Usually had 20-30K THB in the safe and nothing was missing. So many are surprisingly honest.
  9. "Mr Sunthorn also apologised to the public, admitting his action had damaged the dignity of Pattaya" So THAT´s why Pattaya lost her dignity....:D
  10. We have seen Yahoo hacked previously so that might happen. In that case I´d go for a USB-stick since it´s more easy to hide.
  11. I just read the whole article. So he had 350 partners over 6 months, all male, mostly barebacking all. He did a massive mix of drugs and had several STD´s. So somehow I don´t think that´s "proof" of it failing even though it was peculiar. PrEP is still a good choice to use in case of a condom break, or just to put your mind at ease. Or to suck and swallow cum with less anxiety
  12. How long will it take for the viral load to go back, and will they go back without meds? Interesting topic Teppis ,and food for thought. We know that those on HIV-meds has an undetectable virus load. So it is more about our (irrational) fear of getting it from them. Or others. It just becomes so real and the fear would win over fun. I think I´d prefer that they didn´t tell me if I´m being honest. One of the main thing with lbs (for me at least) is to suck them off. Girls with cocks. Fun. If I should treat all lbs like infected (and without meds) I could not do oral at all. And that takes all the fun out of it. Many of the bkk lbs are now on PrEP as a precaution, and it seems like the way to go for us customers as well, to put one´s mind at ease.
  13. I would avoid if you are on a time schedule. Terrible delays the last 8 month, some up to 2 days since they don't have enough planes. And very little info regarding the delays, keeping the people at the airport up to 20 hours. Very Lowcost. If u add fee for baggage and food u pretty much are on the same pric as network carries. For me the extra £10-30 for a network-airline with rerouting options are way more valuable. Nothing more annoying spending your time at the airport instead of mongering.
  14. I spent a week in Asia not long ago and was in and out of Suvi a couple of times. Arrived tuesday 27.Mars KLM about 10 a.m. Middle immigration full, the one in the end ok enough, took 10 min. Leaving thursday in the afternoon, immigration less than 10 min. Also when arriving following sunday no problem. So I thought everything was good. Well, on the following tuesday I was flying KLM 11.30 a.m. And you know some days when everything goes to shit? Its like a reversed King Midas, only that its not gold. Not at all. Ok, breakfast took 30 min. Two eggs and bacon. Great. Taxi was stuck in traffic, arrived in Suvi and the check-in que at KLM is unbeleaveble. Its so long that it goes past the self check-in counters and into where people normally are passing. And every1 at self check-in is cheating in line so I´m stuck. Well, since I was going a looong way it was going to be an expensive new ticket. And to think I had Star Allience Gold card. Not much use on KLM, but a trainee actually saved me since I could show a basic member card at KLM and got business check-in. Immigration? Less than 5 min. So I guess as some of the BM´s say, the problem seems to be around 8 and 9 a.m when all the arabic and russian flights arrive. I don't usually fly KLM, is the check-in line always so long?
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